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We want what these cats are having.
Lucy Rennick

7 Mar 2018 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 7 Mar 2018 - 2:56 PM

In today’s edition of "Pets That Eat Better Than You Do", we present Nagi and Haku – two floofs lucky enough to be owned by Japanese home cook Jun Yoshizuki. They're also the stars of his YouTube channel, Jun's Kitchen. (Another house cat, Poki, only occasionally makes an appearance and has a reputation for being too loud and getting stuck in the garbage bin.)

While Yoshizuki claims he’s no professional chef, his cats don’t seem to mind too much. They’re treated to spectacular home-made sushi and sashimi feasts – a few times a year, usually on their birthdays. These dishes are all lovingly created from scratch by Yoshizuki under the watchful gaze of the oldest feline, Haku, who “comes in and jumps above us to he can look down on what we’re doing”.

Yoshizuki’s Instagram, by the way, is the cutest thing EVER.


Can't handle the cuteness
This cat is showing off everything we love about Japan
Can't. Even. Cope. Adordability factor through the roof.

This one really loves carrot!!

According to Yoshizuki’s website, he began experimenting with cooking in an an attempt to eat healthier with his wife. He posts his favourite recipes on his website and writes mini reviews on the different knives he uses. Doesn’t he just sound like the best person in the world?

Yoshizuki is a keen videographer, and regularly uploads evidence of their #blessed lives to his YouTube channel.

Here he is demonstrating unconditional love for his furry friends.

And here he is prepping what we can only assume is first-grade sushi for Haku and Nagi.

In this video, Jun takes Haku for a ride on a bike before cooking sukiyaki for the pair – he even makes tofu from scratch for the dish.

Haku really enjoys travelling.

His videos regularly attract millions of viewers and he’s garnered 62,000 followers on Instagram. We have no idea why.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

If you do one thing today, follow Haku and Nagi on Yoshizuki's Instagram account and via Jun's Kitchen on YouTube.

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