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It's made completely out of cheddar and if you can't solve it - eat it!
Farah Celjo

13 Mar 2018 - 3:44 PM  UPDATED 13 Mar 2018 - 3:58 PM

We're positive that Hungarian professor, architect and inventor of the Rubik's cube Erno Rubik, probably didn't see the cheesy side of his magical cube. If you thought the Rubik's cube was too hard to handle then you haven't tried the likes of this version - behold the functional cheddar cube.

Rubik's cubist and puzzle designer, Tony Fisher used to collect the twisty puzzles before he started making his own (you can see his wide range here). For over 40 years, Fisher has been making and exploring the potential of Rubik's Cubes, so much so, he even has his own YouTube channel dedicated to his work and filled with demo videos showing off his constructions and creations. Some recent creations include his fully functional ice cube and candlelit twists. 

Ice cube

Fully functional made from 95 percent ice. Cocktail parties may never be the same again.

Candle cube

This cube is made of 95 percent candle wax and each coloured section lights up - surprise! 

While Fisher already holds the Guinness World Record for creating both the largest and the smallest Rubik's Cubes he now takes it to the next level with an edible version that uses coloured thumbtacks to identify the sides.

This is one way to get creative with your cheeseboard and if you're still struggling to solve it, then destroy the evidence and eat it - no one will ever know...

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