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Who needs ovens when you have a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer?
Lucy Rennick

4 Apr 2018 - 12:43 PM  UPDATED 2 Mar 2021 - 5:40 PM

Being a great home chef is about backing yourself – even if your methods are a little unconventional. This is exactly what The New Yorker food writer Helen Rosner was doing when she used a hair dryer to dry out a roast chicken.

To be clear: this wasn’t your regular hair dryer. Rosner’s appropriated kitchen appliance of choice was a top-of-the-line Dyson Supersonic model – in Australia, it normally retails from $499. As well as leaving you with gorgeous tresses, this hair dryer is apparently the key to crispy, golden chicken. Who knew?

Rosner shared her ingenuity on Twitter, to a strong response. Her tweet amassed 1700 likes, and received more than 180 tweets in return, with half the respondents giving her digital pats on the back, because who wouldn’t want to use a hair dryer to cook a chicken?

Rosner herself jumps back into the thread occasionally, to show her loyal followers pictures of accompanying vegetables, and to extol the various merits of her Dyson (apparently, it’s a lot quieter than other hair dryers, and creates excellent airflow for cooking chooks).

And, because people are the worst, she also has to defend herself. "[P]eople were, in roughly even groups, thrilled or repulsed by the sight of a beauty appliance in the kitchen," she explained on The New Yorker's site.

On her Twitter feed, she shares an after-shot featuring a perfectly golden brown bird, fit for even the fanciest dinner party. Take that, trolls.

Keen on giving Dyson roast chicken a crack?

You can purchase the Supersonic hair dryers from the Dyson website, and peruse our collection of roast chicken recipes today.

And you can read about Helen Rosner’s cooking-with-Dyson adventures on The New Yorker site.

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