• To celebrate, Wolferman's is offering customers a 2-kilo version for a limited time. (Instagram)Source: Instagram
To celebrate the record, the Oregon bakery is offering customers a 2 kilo (!) version for a limited time.
Lucy Rennick

20 Apr 2018 - 7:57 AM  UPDATED 28 Dec 2020 - 2:15 PM

Imagine the biggest cinnamon bun you’ve ever seen, and then multiply that by a few. The resulting bun might be getting close to the cinna-monster created by Oregon bakery Wolferman’s this week, which just broke a Guinness World Record.

Wolferman’s cinnamon bun comes in at a whopping 1149 pounds – just over 521 kilograms – and stretches almost 3 metres long. As a handy point of reference, this is more than the weight of an average fully grown moose. That is one big bun.

The cinnamon bun smashed the previous record set by the now-closed Second Floor Bakery in Michigan, which cooked up a 609-pound bun in 2013. The team at Wolferman’s, who employed a group of engineers to build a custom stainless-steel pan just for the occasion, is understandably chuffed with their efforts. 

The team used 171 kilos of cinnamon sugar filling, around 68 kilos of both white and brown sugar, and needed 220 sticks of butter. The Wolferman’s website points out the cinnamon bun weighs more than 3628 blueberry muffins, 2418 bananas or 1814 vinyl records. 

So, you’ve broken the Guinness World Record for the largest cinnamon bun. Now what?

Wolferman’s sold chunks of the roll at the annual Pear Blossom Festival in Medford, Oregon. All profits from sales at the festival will go towards the Teresa McCormick Centre, a resource centre for those in need. 

The giant cinnamon roll now sits in the hallowed halls of Guinness World Records alongside other freak-foods, including the largest pizza (1261.65 square meters) and the heaviest carrot (10.17 kilograms).

To celebrate the auspicious occasion, Wolferman’s is encouraging customers to try the limited edition 5-pound (just over 2-kilo) cinnamon rolls, the inspiration for the world-record attempt.

Also marvel at the 50-pound cinnamon roll – although it pales in comparison to the mother bun, it’s still a sight for anyone in need of a sugar hit. 

You can follow Wolferman’s on Instagram.

Lead image via Instagram @wolfermans @@outhereflourishing.



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