• A stroke of culinary genius, or taking the 'cado craze too far? (Instagram)Source: Instagram
Is this breakfast or dessert - and does it even matter?
Lucy Rennick

27 Jul 2018 - 9:43 AM  UPDATED 27 Jul 2018 - 9:43 AM

Just when you thought we’d reached peak avocado saturation point, a chocolatier goes and creates a chocolate bar that tastes like – wait for it – avocado toast.

Compartés Chocolatier in Los Angeles worked hard on their latest creation, and while we’re not exactly sure why avocado toast chocolate exists, videos on Twitter depicting avocado and toast being mixed in with white chocolate prove that exist it does. 

“Creamy white chocolate blended with premium California avocados and crunchy bits of caramelised toast create a crunchy, sweet, unique chocolate sensation unlike anything you’ve tried before,” the description reads.

“Creamy white chocolate blended with premium California avocados and crunchy bits of caramelised toast."

Is this breakfast chocolate? Or is it breakfast-flavoured dessert? More importantly, why did Compartés Chocolatier think we needed this kind of confusion in our lives? 

"You could see the green coming through in the chocolate bar," Compartés Chocolatier owner Jonathan Grahm tells Insider. "And then you get that crunchy bit of toast, that hit of sea salt — and again, it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Some Twitter users are less than thrilled:

But it’s not all bad. 

A spokesperson from Compartés Chocolatier says customers “have been loving” the bars. “The bars are selling like crazy and customers are already coming back in for more bars after buying [them] for the first time!”

What a rollercoaster.

The avocado chocolate bars will be available throughout avocado season in Los Angeles, roughly February until September. Can’t make it to one of Compartés Chocolatier’s two L.A locations? Don’t worry, they ship internationally.

Alternatively, you could just watch the world burn on Twitter.

Follow Compartés Chocolatier on Instagram for more wacky chocolate bar flavours.

Lead image via Instagram: @compartes.

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