• You don't need the seasoning sachet to enjoy this. (Devon Cafe)
Is this mash-up the best thing since sliced bread?
Lucy Rennick

10 Oct 2018 - 11:48 AM  UPDATED 9 Oct 2018 - 3:31 PM

Instant noodles are one of those culture-crossing snacks that, if we’re being honest, should probably be sent into space as a stellar example of the breadth of human capability. Strangely enough, though, they’re often excluded from menus at dining venues that aren’t your kitchen at 2am. 

Finally, someone’s doing something about this grave culinary misstep. Sydney's Devon Cafe has teamed up with Indonesian instant noodle company Indomie to create – you guessed it – two special concept dishes dedicated to Australia’s favourite snack. Can someone please get the James Beard Awards on the phone? 

The collaboration, which kicked off at Devon’s three locations (Barangaroo, Surry Hills and North Sydney) on October 1, sees instant noodles popping up in the most unlikely (and the most welcome) of places, including none other than a banana split.

A visit to Devon Cafe during the month of October calls for the Indo Sando, a sandwich loaded with Indomie noodles, turmeric fried chicken, provolone cheese, sambal matah, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, cucumber, ABC hot sauce, fried onions and a sweet soy glaze.

“This dish is inspired by Indonesia’s obsession with chilli and fried chicken,” Devon Cafe’s executive chef Zachary Tan says. “The Indo Sando is loaded with flavour, carbs and plenty of umami.”

For dessert, there’s the Devon Cafe Banana Split, banana fritters topped crunchy fried noodles, crushed peanuts, coconut ice-cream, palm seeds, strawberry coulis and a palm sugar and pandan lime syrup – talk about a textural smorgasbord.

“This dish is inspired by Indonesia’s obsession with chilli and fried chicken. The Indo Sando is loaded with flavour, carbs and plenty of umami.”

The two dishes will be available at Devon Cafe through October, but that’s no reason to snooze on getting your Indomie fix as soon as possible. Oodles of noodles are waiting.

For Devon Cafe's Surry Hills, North Sydney and Barangaroo locations, visit the website. Follow Devon Cafe on Instagram and Facebook.


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