• Nick Makrides (left) and Elise Strachan with loukoumades cupcake. (The Sweet Life with Elise Strachan)Source: The Sweet Life with Elise Strachan
Discover your sweet side and take a journey around the world of sweets with celebrity host, Elise Strachan.
20 Mar 2020 - 4:59 PM  UPDATED 7 Apr 2020 - 2:36 PM

The Sweet Life with Elise Strachan is a new two-part special starring baking goddess and YouTube celebrity Elise Strachan. 

Elise is a trained pastry chef who started as a home baker, with a passion for making sweet things for her family and friends. Five years ago, she started making videos on YouTube as a way to share her creations with sweet enthusiasts online - she now boasts a fan base of more than 10 million followers from all over the world.

For the new show, Elise has hand-picked a selection of talented Australian chefs from different cultures to learn from the array of sweet creations they’ve mastered.

For the new show, Elise has hand-picked a selection of talented Australian chefs from different cultures to learn from the array of sweet creations they’ve mastered.

Part one explores a variety of delights from the East - with rustic Indonesian street food, delicate and technical Japanese kakigori, Hare Krishna-inspired Mandala cheesecakes, and an exquisite Malaysian jelly art. Part two delves into the flavours of Europe and the Mediterranean - with sexy French chocolate spheres, exuberant giant Italian brioche, Greek donuts soaked in honey and a Middle Eastern Street snack made with some top-secret ingredients.

By joining Elise on this tantalising and flavour-filled exploration, your eyes, taste buds and techniques will be inspired like never before.

Trying out the chocolate cheese creation with Tasia and Gracia.

Episode one

Airs 8:30pm Thursday 2 April, 2020 on SBS Food

In episode one, Elise discovers an array of traditional, and not-so-traditional Asian-inspired desserts. To start off with, Indonesian sisters Tasia and Gracia Seger introduce Elise to the traditional Indonesian street food pisang bakar - made with banana, cheese and chocolate! Following that they whip up with their modern twist on the dessert, a banana and cheese brûlée.

Next up, Yasoda Welsh, a Kiwi-born Hare Krishna, teaches Elise the art of making mandala cheesecakes, with some seriously stunning results. After that, Phi Nguyen, a Japanese dessert chef born in Vietnam, creates a delicate Japanese shaved ice dish called kakigori using a fascinating signature ingredient - aged Japanese plum wine. Siew Heng Boon then brings the episode to a close, teaching Elise the secrets of her stunning Malaysian 3D jelly art. 

Umeshu kakigori (Japanese shaved ice with plum wine)

This delicate Japanese dessert combines cool plum wine ice, jelly, lychee sauce and fresh apples to create layers of indulgence. 

3D jelly cake

An incredibly impressive cake that will test both your baking and artistic skills, this vegan jelly masterpiece is beautifully flavoured with rosewater and coconut milk.

Mandala cheesecake

Experiment and let your creative genius take over with these colourful, creative cakes. The coconut icing and raspberry coulis add plenty of flavour, making this cheesecake equally delicious as it is eye-catching. 

Banana cheese brulee

Slices of caramelised banana, sweet Chantilly cream and shards of gouda cheese, this dessert packs it all into one.

Elise and The Bearded Bakers

Episode 2

Airs 8:30pm Thursday 9 April, 2020 on SBS Food

Episode two introduces Elise to a variety of sweet delights from around Europe and the Mediterranean. The episode starts with the very French Vincent Gadan, who creates three types of spherical chocolate desserts - a beautiful pearl of love treasure box, a raspberry and mousse filled ‘sexy sphere’ and a pile of lolly-filled disco balls - which he and Elise have great fun smashing.

Italian chef Paolo Gatto then brings some traditional Sicilian cuisine to the kitchen, with his giant brioche stuffed with homemade gelato. Elise is then joined by old friend and fellow YouTuber, Nick Makrides, who draws on his Greek heritage to create some delicious cupcakes topped with loukoumades (Greek donuts). The episode is brought to a close in style with guest Joey El-Issa of the Sydney-based Bearded Bakers. Together, Joey and Elise make some of the Bearded Bakers' famous knafeh, with Elise desperately trying to figure out the recipe's top-secret ingredient!

Loukoumades cupcakes

Loukoumades are a popular Greek fried doughnut commonly soaked in honey or chocolate sauce. Cupcake superstar Nick Makrides thought why not have both? So he put the two together.

Giant Sicilian brioche

Fill your freshly homebaked brioche with your favourite lollies and the best gelato for a sweet surprise that just keeps on giving.

Chocolate spheres

Dazzling chocolate spheres filled with lollies, perfect for any party or event for an impressive sweet touch.

Catch the two-part series, The Sweet Life with Elise Strachan, on April 2 and 9 at 8:30pm on SBS Food and later on SBS On Demand.