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Because who wouldn’t want to wake up to a warm tray of soft, fudgy brownies?
Camellia Ling Aebischer

9 Apr 2020 - 2:22 PM  UPDATED 15 Apr 2020 - 5:03 PM

In today’s instalment of dessert for breakfast, I bring you a fun and (let’s admit it) worthwhile but mildly useless trick for making a batch of brownies in your slow cooker. (Yes, slow cooker!)

Sure, you could bake them in minutes using a regular oven, but since the days are all blurred into one during COVID-19 why not let go of traditional mealtimes and splurge on your dessert-for-breakfast mantra. Plus, these ones have fruit in them, in case you need your morning dose.

Brownie slab in the morning light.

Jokes aside, you could use this trick to prepare for a work bake sale, prep a dinner party or long lunch dessert ahead of time to relieve pressure, or just because it’s kind of fun. You could also pop them on in the morning for guests arriving at night.

What you’ll need is a slow cooker and your favourite brownie recipe.

I used this glorious miso-raisin mix by Leanne Kitchen for something new. The umami miso flavour comes through in the batter but when it's baked just adds a secret layer of depth - and paired with the plump raisins, you almost get a kind of rum and raisin vibe.

Recipe here
Miso raisin brownies

Culinary legend has it that the chocolate brownie was invented by the Palmer House Hotel as a dessert for ladies attending the 1893 World Fair in Chicago. The original recipe featured walnuts and an apricot glaze, and this version is still served at the hotel to this day. Red miso adds an intriguingly salty note to this adored American classic.

My household wasn’t met with much delight when I said there were raisins going in so feel free to leave them out.

All you have to do is mix together the brownie batter, then pop it into a slow cooker lined with baking paper. Place a lid on top with a tea towel wrapped around it to catch any steam (so it doesn't drip back down onto the brownies), then set it to low and go to bed. Come back 6-8 hours later and switch it high for the last hour (optional), check, and add another hour if needed. It is good to check it as early as you can, as slow cooker temperatures can vary.

If your slow cooker tends to run on the hot side you can make a foil collar to sit between the walls of the slow cooker and the baking paper which will help stop the brownies from getting too dark.

Spread it out nice into the bottom of your slow cooker, just don't forget the baking paper.

Let them cool in the cooker bowl before removing or you’ll be scooping out a sloppy mess. This method makes pretty fudgy brownies, so if you like them on the cakier side of life, I’d recommend cooking on medium or slapping the high setting on for the full two hours.

Honestly, even I’m surprised by how well this turned out and at my self-control to pass up the oven for a 'while I am sleeping' edition instead.

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