• The almost never-ending flavours of Cadbury chocolate blocks. (Supplied)Source: Supplied
Cadbury offers 37 varieties of its famous chocolate blocks, and in an act of true journalism, Alana Schetzer ranked a few, because, well, lockdown.
Alana Schetzer

9 Apr 2020 - 4:47 PM  UPDATED 14 Apr 2020 - 10:59 AM

Whoever came up with the tagline "a glass and a half" of full-cream dairy milk is a genius because ever since I first heard that sweet melody, I've convinced myself that tucking into a Freddo Frog is simply about caring for my bone health.

And in the interest of, er, calcium, I've tried a lot of Cadbury varieties. There are currently 37 options floating around on shelves and like Star Wars films, some are better than others.

Some may argue that preference is subjective, but I disagree. This is, without a doubt, the official, absolutely-correct-with-no-room-for-interpretation list of the best, and worst, Cadbury chocolate blocks. 

Sweet spot
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I'm not usually a fan of chocolates that simply combine two existing brands; it's often just lazy. However, the Oreo block is like an angel kiss on your forward at night.

It's smooth, crunchy and just the right balance between Oreo and chocolate. Bellissimo!

Mint Bubbly

Yes, this is just Cadbury's version of Aero, but it's still a highly prized addition. Sweet, minty goodness, full of delicate bubbles, all held together with milky goodness. If you don't like Mint Bubbly Rock, then sorry, but there's something wrong with you.

Top Deck

If any chocolate could be a Live Aid concert, Top Deck would be it.

A symbolic coming together of two different colours and flavours - each on their own wonderful - but combined are even better. If Cadbury ever stops making this, I will personally start a riot and petition the Pope to bring it back.


People power works! This I'm-not-quite-sure-what-flavour-this-is-but-it's-delicious Caramilk was tragically pulled from shelves years ago.

But like calls for democracy, the power of the people worked and now we are again blessed with this milky-caramel concoction.


A controversial, but delicious choice.

Like Andy Dick and the 'shake weight', s' mores are a product of the good 'ol US of A, but unlike the former two, s' mores are delightful.

If you haven't tried this gooey combination of chocolate, biscuit and marshmallows, then you need to, ASAP. Welcome to heaven.

So adult


This is the classiest chocolate in the Cadbury family; it's what you eat after dinner, with a dainty glass of port or an espresso.

Play some jazz in the background, and boom! You instantly become an adult. 

Salted Caramel

There's nothing inherently wrong with salted caramel - it's quite tasty - but it's everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

It's more ubiquitous than Adam Sandler films on Netflix. It's a good thing that's been ruined by every cafe, ice creamery and chocolate company in the world that include it as their 'speciality'. Stop it.


What's a Moro? Is it an illness you pick up in tropical areas? A tyre brand? The name of a failed heavy metal band?

Along with the second verse of the Australian national anthem, no one really knows what Moro is.

It's caramel and nougat, which technically makes it a Mars Bar, but is somehow kind of 'blah'.

Fruit & Nut

Nuts are great. Dried fruit can be...OK. But dried fruit covered in chocolate is a sin, and honestly, it's a disgrace that the United Nations hasn't investigated this crime.

Dried fruits, but especially raisins and sultanas, are the warts of the food world and should be shunned.


Who invented this horror? This is the chocolate equivalent of wearing underwear made out of burlap and is just one enormous question mark.

Most of us had this thrust upon us when we were innocent children as a "treat" but it is, in fact, a trick. Don't fall for it.

People of the internet, you're welcome. Given how much time we're all spending at home, chocolate is a much-needed treat, but make sure you choose your treat-(ment) wisely.


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