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Here's what you can expect when tuning into SBS Food or streaming our On Demand channel during 2021. #sbsfoodfamily
18 Nov 2020 - 12:56 PM  UPDATED 3 Feb 2022 - 2:34 PM

If eating with your eyes is a favourite past-time, get ready to gorge on our biggest series yet. 

SBS Food has been hard at work bringing you a delicious slate of brand-new local programs which will get your woks firing and offer plenty of inspiration for Italian dinner parties, outdoor cooking and experiencing a true taste of the Torres Strait.

Here’s the full spread of SBS Food’s 2021 ‘feed me’ menu. But first, let's celebrate from November 2020...

Palisa Anderson's Water Heart Food

Starts Sunday 29 November at 7pm on SBS Food (Ch.33) and SBS On Demand.

Palisa Anderson likes to consider what impact her food businesses have on others.

Travel with the respected cook, farmer, writer, entrepreneur, Palisa Anderson as she explores her early food memories of Thailand with a handful of Australia’s most respected and emerging chefs to discuss and celebrate that which connects them across cultures and borders.

From her farm in Byron Bay and its neighbouring salty enclaves to the big smoke of Sydney and some of the city’s best chefs, restaurants and out of town destinations, Palisa shares a very intimate exchange with some of her favourite food Industry icons and rising stars, exploring where their passion comes from and sharing food stories to discover we have more in common than we think.

Eating at home really is where Adam Liaw's heart is.

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw

We’re thrilled to announce this brand new 200-episode series which will air every weeknight at 7pm on SBS Food. We can’t tell you too much, but Adam will be joined by a range of guests from heavyweight Australian chefs, to local TV personalities to answer the age-old question: “What’s for dinner?”

Analiese says everything looks larger under the water but these abalone look pretty big to us...

A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Wild Cooking

Tasmanian chef, Analiese Gregory will bring the rugged food culture of Tasmania to our screens in this powerful and romantic series.

From the age of 16 Analiese has travelled the world to work with and learn from the best chefs. She’s brought everything she knows to Tasmania, diving, hunting, fishing and foraging is ‘what she lives for,’ and the best part is, the journey has just begun...

A Middle East Feast with Shane Delia

An SBS stalwart, Shane Delia is back, seeing the chef re-creating the food traditions of his homeland but this time while stationed locally in his current home state. Delia will walk us through the ins and outs of some of his favourite recipes and the meaning behind them.

How to eat well, according to Guillaume Brahimi.

Plat du Tour is back again

Guillaume Brahimi believes the French know how to live life to the full. They call it Savoir Vivre, and French food culture is the beating heart of the nation. Guillaume guides us to the heart of France via the senses, serving up his 'Plat du Tour' each night of the Tour de France on SBS again in 2021, and we can’t wait.

Get around that clear blue water and some Torres Strait culture.

Strait to the Plate

New to SBS Food is NITV’s Strait to The Plate, hosted by Aaron Fa’aoso. This series will unearth a feast of signature Torres Strait Islander culinary delights throughout a series of 5 x 30 min. episodes. Highlighting six unique communities of Badu, Poruma, Moa, Seisia, Injinoo and New Mapoon this series provides a contemporary snapshot of the people, hunting practices, food and way of life.

Cook Like an Italian with Silvia Colloca

The beloved Italian home cooking series, Cook Like an Italian is back with Silvia Colloca whipping up simple Italian fare in her Sydney kitchen. There will be plenty of white wine and olive oil-scented meals and easy cakes to whip up after this one. As usual, we’ll have all the fantastic recipes available online.

Asia Unplated with Diana Chan is a brand-new series coming to SBS Food.

Asia Unplated with Diana Chan

Asia Unplated is back for season two. The series follows Diana Chan as she explores the fresh, aromatic flavours of Asia. Each episode focuses on a different cuisine, showcasing a variety of traditional and modern dishes from each country, with a few new cuisines showcased on top of last year’s delicious line-up.

Diana cooks up simple but authentic, home-style Asian dishes and invites special guests into the kitchen to show us their favourite recipes and chat about the unique cooking styles and rich food histories of their favourite Asian cuisines. 

Stefano (right) tells the story of local producers and cooks up a treat with their fresh fare.

Australia’s Food Bowl with Stefano de Pieri

Italian-born Australian, Stefano De Pieri has been living in Mildura for almost 30 years and is buoyed by the region’s local produce and wine. Australia’s Food Bowl is Stefano’s showcase of one of the nation’s largest food-producing regions, highlighting the produce and also the people who celebrate the beauty of farm to plate.

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Ratatouille with tapenade

This dish is named from the Occitan language spoken in southern France. From the words ‘ratatolha’, meaning ‘chunky stew’ (in French military slang, ‘rata’ was a mix of beans, potatoes and mixed vegetables with fatty meat), and ‘touiller’, meaning to toss, or stir up, food.

Italian almond biscuits (ricciarelli)

You can practically taste the Italian grandmotherly love in these gluten-free almond biscuits. Be sure to share them with the passion any good nonna would.

Miso-glazed eggplant (nasu dengaku)

This sweet and salty miso glaze caramelises as the eggplant cooks, creating an irresistible vegetable dish. 

Lion's head meatballs

The shape of these giant meatballs is supposed to resemble a lion’s head and the green vegetables around it, the mane. Destination Flavour China 

Coconut braised beef brisket kebab

This Biggie Smalls favourite combines Shane Delia's two favourite things - beef rendang curry and the humble kebab. #RecipeForLife