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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw.
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--- The Cook Up with Adam Liaw airs weeknights on SBS Food at 7.00pm and 10.00pm. It will encore on SBS Food at 11am weekdays and at 3.30pm on SBS. SBS Food will air a marathon on Sundays at 2.00pm, and series will be made available after broadcast on SBS On Demand. --- 


Adam Liaw, author and TV presenter is joined each night by two food loving friends for a half hour of good fun and conversation as they cook up a variety of dishes centred around a nightly theme. Whether it’s an ingredient, a style of cuisine or cultural inspiration, Adam whips up his dish first before his guests follow suit with easy to follow recipes and tips for viewers to follow at home in time for dinner.

There will be celebrities, culture, food, and lots of laughs in a series that will provide everyday inspiration for foodies and non-foodies alike.

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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw.
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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw.
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SBS Food has been busy cooking up a fresh new food show, The Cook Up with Adam Liaw, and with 200 episodes, it’s the biggest commission in the network’s history.

Episode 76 | Winter Soup | Winter Week

Airs 7:00pm Monday 2 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Winter is near and that means the return of soups! Cookbook author Analiese Gregory and Monday Morning Cooking Club’s Lisa Goldberg join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen to recreate their favourite soups!

Sausage and brown rice minestrone

Adam turns the already comforting minestrone into something yet more hearty with minced Italian sausage and rice.

Easy chicken soup with matzo balls

This wonderfully simple version of an iconic Jewish recipe - traditionally enjoyed at Passover but actually enjoyed all year round - originates from Melbourne’s well known Balaclava Deli, famous for its wonderful soup and matzo balls.

Wild mushroom broth

Slow cooked, the mushrooms in this broth are beautifully tender and spiced with Chinese soup spices like cinnamon and star anise.

Episode 77 | Winter Favourite | Winter Week

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 3 August 2021 on SBS Food

Ethiopian chef Tinsae Elsdon and head chef at The Old Fitz Anna Ugarte Carral come by to show host Adam Liaw their ultimate winter favourites in the Cook Up Kitchen.

White veal osso bucco

An old favourite. I like to make mine ‘bianco,’ without carrot or tomato, but this requires you to caramelise the onion and celery for sweetness.

Chicken sausage poule au pot

The poule au pot is a French favourite that packs quite a bit into the one pot, with chicken thighs, sausages and plenty of herbs and veggies, served with a mustard creme fraiche.

Gomen be duba (kale and pumpkin)

A unique take on the traditional Ethiopian dish, gomen be dinich (potato), substituting the potato for pumpkin for a delicious winter warmer. Easy to make and nutritious, it can be served with injera or rice.

Episode 78 | Cooking With Kids | Winter Week

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 4 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Top chef Colin Fassnidge and owner of Eastwood's Deli and Cooking School Kelly Eastwood, drop by The Cook Up kitchen to cook with host Adam Liaw to create kid-friendly dishes.

All-veg tomato sauce pasta

More is more when it comes to veggies, creating a rich, comforting sauce to ladle over your favourite type of pasta.

Fat Pocky

As delicious as they are fun, these Fat Poky chocolate breadsticks make for a great kitchen project for the kids, and the older kids!

Ricotta gnocchi

Lighter gnocchi means you can binge without the post-meal regret. They're pan-fried for a crisp texture that bites through to a soft ricotta inside.

Episode 79 | Pie (Savoury) | Winter Week

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 5 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host Adam Liaw is joined by recipe developer Breda Fenn and Maître d’ of Momofuku Seibo fame, Kylie Javier Ashton who come by the Cook Up kitchen to whip up their favourite pie recipes! 

Chicken pot pie

There's little more comforting, or satisfying, than sinking into a fresh, hot chicken pie. Using frozen pastry takes the hardest step out of the process, and from there's it's actually quite easy.

'Shepherd's pie' with sweet potato mash

I don’t think healthy food and delicious meals should be mutually exclusive things. This is one of my go-to meal prep recipes that helps me stay fuelled as an athlete but satisfied as a food-lover.

Green curry pork pie

Worlds collide in this piece of pastry art, with Thai green curry paste, slow-cooked pork, coconut cream and lime all united in pie form.


Episode 80 | Toasties | Winter Week

Airs 7:00pm Friday 6 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw, Delicious magazine’s Phoebe Wood and political satirist Mark Humphries are in The Cook Up kitchen making their very best toasties. This is a must watch for some new ideas on making an old favourite!

Inside-out Bolognese cheese toastie

Where would Australia be without the Bolognese toastie? It’s fed generations of children since the 1970s.

Mozzarella in carrozza

A toastie to behold - the Napolitan sandwich is filled with cheese, ham and tomato, dipped in egg and then fried until golden and crisp.

Spanakopita toastie

I was a vegetarian until I was 19, so spanakopita was a staple in our house for all of our special family occasions. I love injecting these simple flavours into a quick and easy toastie. 

Episode 81 | Family Meals in 20 minutes

Airs 7:00pm Monday 9 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Every Night of the Week’s Lucy Tweed and renowned butcher Anthony Puharich are in The Cook Up kitchen with host Adam Liaw, showcasing their best twenty-minute family meals for any night of the week. 

Chicken parmi and chips

My go to midweek meal. Love this classic Aussie pub dish! Especially when the footy is on.

Salmon foil-yaki

The Japanese en papillote. Salmon and vegetables wrapped in foil with butter, soy sauce and sake and cooked in about a centimetre of water in a frying pan.

TV spaghetti

All done in the one pot, TV spaghetti is made with anchovies, parsley and chilli. It's the go-to for lazy nights and empty stomachs.

Episode 82 | Japanese

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 10 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Feed’s Marc Fennell and Executive Chef and founder of Sokyo, Chase Kojima challenge host Adam Liaw to a Japanese food cook off in The Cook Up kitchen. 

Salmon and cucumber hand rolls

This is more an idea than a recipe. It’s also what we eat for dinner when we can’t be bothered cooking anything. It takes 10 minutes and tastes delicious.

Udon salad

A light Japanese salad with udon noodles, poached chicken, eggs and plenty of veggies, served with a warm dressing.

Chase's sukiyaki

When I think about Japanese food I think about sukiyaki, a Japanese style beef hot pot with lots of vegetables, cooked at the table and brings everyone together. I love how everything is cooked freshly in front of you and eaten as soon as it's ready

Episode 83 | Spinach

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 11 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up kitchen is where it’s at tonight. Host Adam Liaw, author and food critic Anthony Huckstep and owner of LP’s Quality Meats Luke Powell cook up a storm as they re-create their favourite spinach dishes. 

Creamed spinach

Like a rich soup, my creamed spinach adds anchovies, lots of garlic and rosemary for an easy, comforting meal.

Spinach in sesame sauce

Based on ‘horenso gomae’ a Japanese dish that translates to spinach with sesame dressing, this simple version is mix and serve. No grinding required.

Quick palak paneer

Indian cuisine is extraordinary and I cook a lot of it. Curries are often about the sauce, or gravy, and few are better than palak paneer – especially with the cubes of paneer.

Episode 84 | Ricotta

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 12 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Sardinian native and Pilu owner, Giovanni Pilu and Acme famed chef Mitch Orr take over The Cook Up kitchen as they re-create their favourite beloved ricotta dishes alongside series host, Adam Liaw. 


These Sardinian deep-fried dumplings are filled with ricotta, sultanas and lemon and smothered in warm honey. They're just divine.

Whipped ricotta with charred peaches

The sweetness of the peaches, the creamy, smooth ricotta and the tangy pickled shallot come together for a beautiful, and different, dessert.

Fresh ricotta bruschetta with braised onion and thyme

Ricotta is the gateway drug to cheesemaking. Everyone who ever makes cheese starts here. And it’s incredibly easy too.

Episode 85 | Mushrooms

Airs 7:00pm Friday 13 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Series host, Adam Liaw, is joined by former Ready Steady Cook presenter Janelle Bloom and China Doll head chef Frank Shek as they serve up their favourite mushroom dishes in The Cook Up kitchen. 

Garlic soy mushrooms on dashi silken egg

Garlic and mushroom is such a wonderful combination of flavour, served here with an umami-loaded sauce of kecap manis, dashi and chicken stock.

Japanese mushroom and spinach spaghetti

Tender Japanese mushrooms like shiitake, enkoi and shimeji eringi are a great substitute for meat in the humble spag, adding great flavour and texture.

Lamb and mushroom sliders

The patties for these mini burgers are made of lamb mince and blitzed mushrooms for juicy, flavourful sliders, finished with a lashing of fresh tzatziki.

Episode 86 | Macadamia 

Airs 7:00pm Monday 16 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Bake Club’s Anneka Manning and SBS award-winning science and technology journalist Rae Johnson, join series host Adam Liaw, in The Cook Up kitchen to chat about an Aussie nut favourite - the Macadamia! 

Wattleseed and macadamia ladoos

Ladoos are the most popular Indian sweets there are. These versions include some native Australian flavours.

Native dukkah with Johnny cakes

Johnny Cakes can be cooked on a flat bed of coals in a fire, on a wire grill over an electric hotplate, in a regular frying pan, or on a cast-iron griddle plate (which is what I use).

Macadamia and lemon myrtle shortbread

Surprisingly simple and super quick to make this shortbread dough is the perfect one to make ahead of time as it will store in your fridge or freezer until you are ready to slice and bake it.

Episode 87 | Long Pasta

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 17 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up Host Adam Liaw is joined in The Cook Up kitchen by Italian home cook Silvia Colloca and restaurateur and owner of Nel, Nelly Robinson as they give their take on an Italian staple - long pasta! 

Wild mushroom tagliatelle

This pasta celebrates the best of fungi, with thin slices of tender wild mushrooms and a good drizzle of black truffle oil.

Umami bolognese

You definitely don’t need to be vegan to enjoy this. The key is hitting the umami as often as you can

Spaghettini with mussels, wine and capers

Silvia Colloca shares her recipe for a pasta dish that's full of Mediterranean flavours and goodness. To be served with crusty bread, of course!

Episode 88 | Eggplant

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 18 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host, Adam Liaw, cooks with sisters and owners of Syrian restaurant Almond Bar, Carol and Sharon Salloum as they dissect the eggplant and show what dishes can be made with this much-loved vegetable. 

Mutabal with lime, sumac and fennel-crusted tuna

Pan-seared tuna rubbed generously with spices and fresh lime served on a bed of smoked eggplant, olives and tomato.

Sheikh el mehshi (stuffed baby eggplants)

Sheikh el mehshi brings Middle Eastern comfort food to your weeknight menu. Creamy baked eggplant stuffed with lamb and pine nuts, topped with herbs and served with Greek yoghurt.

Barbecue eggplant dengaku

Famed to be the favourite dish of the Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga, this dish originally used the red miso of Nagoya, but these days you can use any miso you like.

Episode 89 | Goat Cheese

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 19 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Owner and founder of Sydney restaurant Marque, Mark Best and caterer to the stars, Jaimee Foley, join host Adam Liaw, in The Cook Up kitchen to cook and eat their favourite goat cheese dishes. 

Goat's cheese, pumpkin and caramelised onion flatbread

These Mediterranean-inspired breads would make a fantastic barbecue side or a tasty snack. This dough is more like a thick batter, which you spoon onto the baking sheet and spread as best you can.

Kimchi pancake with goat's cheese and cucumber

Kimchi, with its slightly tangy, slightly spicy flavour makes the perfect base for a pancake batter. The goat's cheese helps to balance it out with the impossible creaminess.

Goat cheese marshmallow with summer fruits

The addition of goat's curd to this mega marshmallow makes it every bit delectable as it looks. Served with a fresh pineapple and citrus salsa.

Episode 90 | Rosemary

Airs 7:00pm Friday 20 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw hosts Every Night of the Week’s Lucy Tweed and acclaimed chef and owner of Woodcut Ross Lusted in the Cook Up kitchen, dissecting the herb rosemary. 

Roast tomato soup with rosemary cheese flatbreads

This is a comforting Sunday night style supper. A smooth creamy tomato soup with a toasted flatbread full of melted cheese, all with the deliciously woody aroma of rosemary. And it's all cooked in the oven.

French dip sandwich

Inspired by Cole's French Dips in Los Angeles, this sanga brings its A-game, with slow-cooked beef ribs, gruyere cheese and a rosemary butter.

Red wine and rosemary teriyaki roast lamb

This simple roast lamb takes a spin through Japan, turning red wine and rosemary into a rich teriyaki glaze.

Episode 91 | Pork Chops

Airs 7:00pm Monday 23 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host Adam Liaw is joined by Universal and Paramount owner Christine Manfield and The Cook’s Co-Op and ex-Longrain owner Martin Boetz in The Cook Up kitchen to dish up their ultimate pork chop recipes. 

Turmeric pork chop

I marinade the pork chop with turmeric, black pepper, and garlic, and then grill it, topped off with a curry leaf and coriander and green chili salsa, and some fried curry leaves on top.

Hainanese pork chops with onion gravy

By appearance, this looks like a classic pub feed, but tuck in and discover the enchanting Chinese-inspired gravy with oyster and soy sauces. Divine.

Grilled pork and herb salad

Putting a Vietnamese twist on the classic Aussie pork chop dinner with plenty of fresh leafy herbs and cucumber, with a lime and chilli dressing for tang and a nice kick.

Episode 92 | 5 Ingredient Dinner

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 24 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up kitchen plays host to Adam Liaw, Viking and executive chef at Mjolner, Joachim Borenius and comedian Lizzy Hoo who whip up their ultimate and easy 5 ingredient dinners! 

Tonkatsu ribs

In Japan, ordering tonkatsu will get you a crumbed and fried pork cutlet. Adam marinades his and slow cooks it until falling off the bone, served with a tonkatsu sauce.

Braised pork shoulder trencher

A clever childhood recipe now turned into a bit of a retro party staple. A dish we have been serving in the bar at Mjølner since the inception of the venue. Works with different breads and fillings, let your imagination run wild!

Lizzy Hoo's silken tofu dinner

When I cook for one I often eat this meal. It’s comforting and tasty and relatively healthy. In a share house I lived in many years ago, I would call it 'the favourite'. We ate it 3-4 times a week.

Episode 93 | Late Night Snack

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 25 August, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host Adam Liaw is joined by recipe developer Breda Fenn and Maître d’ of Momofuku Seibo fame, Kylie Javier Ashton, who come by the Cook Up kitchen to whip up their ultimate late-night snack. 

Mango and sheep's yoghurt pots

This recipe can double as an anytime day snack, but it’s what you’ll find me snacking on after every service late at night. The toasted nuts and coconut are a staple in my pantry and I put them on my morning oats, in salads or just snack on them by themselves.

Loaded brie

There's brie, and then there's loaded brie. Nestled in crusty sourdough, topped with pine nuts and dressed with thyme and honey, this is a spectacle of a preparation.

Café de Paris popcorn

Café de Paris butter, made with Dijon mustard, herbs, capers and anchovies, melted over fresh, hot popcorn.

Episode 94 | Avocado

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 26 August, 2021 on SBS Food

It’s the millennial staple taking over the world. The Cook Up host, Adam Liaw, is alongside Andy Bowdy Pastries’ Andrew Bowden and Australian Woman’s Weekly cooking queen Pamela Clark to cook their favourite avocado dishes.

Avo-nana bread

This quick and easy to make bread is gluten and sugar free, it’s yummy to eat plain or toasted with a little butter and honey. After it’s cooled, slice and freeze the slices separately.

Avocado green goddess

There's no limit when it comes to salad, as the green goddess proves; herbs, citrus, veggies, fruit and even buttermilk make an appearance.

Guacamole salad

This bulked-out guacamole takes it from a condiment to a side dish, perfect alongside barbecued meats, fried haloumi or just served with a few tortillas.

Episode 95 | Pistachio

Airs 7:00pm Friday 27 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Ozharvest’s head chef Travis Harvey and Turkish born Ester head chef Ozge Kalvo chat and cook with The Cook Up host Adam Liaw about all things pistachio in The Cook Up kitchen. 

Katmer (Gaziantep pistachio pastry)

One of the ancient desserts hailing from Gaziantep, in south-eastern Anatolia where the world's finest pistachios come from.

Charred lettuce with tea-smoked cream and pistachio

Cooked lettuce takes on flavours wonderfully. If your crisper draw is all leaves but you don’t feel like a salad, give this technique a try.


Roasted apricots with mascarpone and pistachio

Apricots, anise, almond and pistachio are like an A-Team of flavour combinations. Each plays their role impeccably, but they all bring something different to the table.

Episode 96 | Signature Dish At Home

Airs 7:00pm Monday 30 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Sardinian native and Pilu owner, Giovanni Pilu and Acme famed chef Mitch Orr take over The Cook Up kitchen as they re-create their restaurant signature dish alongside series host, Adam Liaw. 

Spaghetti bottarga

This spaghetti alle vongole with bottarga is a family favourite. 

Fried chicken wings

This crisp, golden Cambodian-style fried chicken was taught to me by my best friend, Sophia. 

Adam Liaw's onion vinaigrette

I don’t think you really get to choose your signature dish. It gets chosen for you by the people who eat your food. I never set out to make a salad dressing as a defining dish but the fact of the matter is, everyone who tries this asks for the recipe. 


Episode 97 | T-Bone

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 31 August, 2021 on SBS Food

Vic Meat’s butcher and owner Anthony Puharich and LP’s Quality Meats owner Luke Powell join The Cook Up host, Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen talking, cooking and eating all things T-Bone! 

Teriyaki marinated T-bone

I usually like to barbecue my meat with nothing except a good layer of sea salt, but when I’m feeling like something with a little bit more of a flavour hit, I quite like it with a bit of teriyaki sauce.

T-bone with smoked beef fat vinaigrette

Smoke the beef fat in a barbecue to create a rich vinaigrette where the smoky notes are balanced with shallot and lemon.  

Shared T-bone on mushroom sauce

This is a variation on one of my favourite meals, steak with an easy mushroom and onion sauce. A dash of dark soy sauce adds extra umami. 

Episode 98 | Lunchbox Snack

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 1 September, 2021 on SBS Food

Filipino chef and owner of Sydney restaurant Cebu Lechon Will Mahusay and MasterChef alumni Hoda Hannaway catch up with Adam Liaw in the Cook Up kitchen as they create their ultimate and easy lunchbox snacks. 

Savoury muffins

These are the perfect way to use up veggies and herbs in the fridge, ensure the kids are eating a nutritious snack and best of all, you can freeze them - perfect for emergencies.


Onigirazu is basically a sushi sandwich. It's very, very simple and a favourite for my children's lunchboxes.


Banana-cue is commonly sold by street vendors in the Philippines. It’s a popular mid-late afternoon snack and the vendors serve this treat on a barbecue bamboo stick, but my version is simply wrapped in banana leaves.

Episode 99 | Parmesan

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 2 September, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up kitchen plays host to Sydney restaurant Nel’s Nelly Robinson and Italian home cook Silvia Colloca as they tackle another much-loved Italian staple, Parmesan! 

Nduja bruschetta with parmesan and basil

This is a great way to use up yesterday's bread. 

Pinzimonio (vegetables with parmesan, cashew and herb dip)

Make up a platter with fresh, chopped seasonal vegetables and scoop up the cashew, parmesan and herb dip. 

Easy parmesan chicken with herb salad

This simple “crumbed” chicken uses no flour, no egg… and even no crumbs. Match it with a salad full of herbs and it makes for a simple and deceptively light meal.

Episode 100 | One Pot Meal

Airs 7:00pm Friday 3 September, 2021 on SBS Food

Delicious magazine’s Phoebe Wood and comedian and political satirist Mark Humphries are in The Cook Up kitchen with host Adam Liaw, as they create their ultimate one-pot wonders! 

Quick chicken tikka masala

Its hotly debated origins are a source of continual contention in the food world, but this particular version is all about a quick, easy way to achieve a delicious curry on any weeknight, using dried spices you are sure to have in your pantry. 

Hokkaido salmon chanchan

This is one of the easiest and fastest dinners you could imagine. This simple fisherman’s dish hails from Hokkaido, known in Japan for its seafood and dairy. 


This one-pot Middle Eastern favourite makes an easy, quick meal.