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The food of India with Adam D'Sylva, Helly Raichura and Sandeep Pandit.
21 Sep 2021 - 10:39 PM  UPDATED 29 Sep 2021 - 11:59 AM

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Episode 1 | Gujarat

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 23 September 2021 on SBS Food

India is a diverse country and so is its cuisine. It is said that Indian cuisine changes every 100km and is a reflection of its people and the food grown in that region. Gujarat is predominantly a vegetarian state. In some areas of Gujarat, it may get difficult finding meat. Nevertheless, their vegetarian offerings are delectable and hard to miss. The episode starts with Helly’s dal dhokli, a traditional Gujarati dish made with lentils as the base for the curry and the dhokli is made with wheat flour making it a wholesome dish. We then have Adam’s Milanese Gujarati khichdi, a one-pot meal often called food for the soul because of its simplicity and taste followed by Sandeep’s dal pakwan, one of Gujarat’s most popular breakfast dishes.

Dal dhokli

A soupy dhal with powerful blends of spices and dhokli - small pieces of fresh turmeric and chilli dough that simmer in the dhal.

Dal pakwan with green yoghurt chutney

A popular Sindhi breakfast, dal pakwan is a creamy dal served with fried flatbreads. Here with top is with a cool yoghurt-chutney sauce.

Dal risotto

Bringing his mixed Indian-Italian heritage to the plate, Adam D'Sylva dishes up his own arborio-mung bean blend that's creamy, soft and comforting.

Episode 2 | Assam

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 30 September 2021 on SBS Food

In this episode, we visit the North East of India, an area comprised of seven states. Detached from mainland India, the cuisine from this region has influences from its neighbouring countries of Nepal, Burma and China. It is a beautiful mix of indigenous spices and produce native to this region creating a unique flavour profile. The episode includes Adam’s duck and bamboo shoot curry as bamboo shoots are used abundantly in this region. We move to a delicious tea time snack by Helly called kardoi that is served with the famous Assamese tea and finally boot baja (mixed stir fry lentils) with aloo pitika (Assamese version of mashed potatoes with mustard oil) by Sandeep.


Kardoi are a deep-fried dough speciality from Assam, and can be made either sweet or savoury. Here we go for the latter, with seablite, carrot and mountain peppercorn for flavour.

Duck with bamboo shoot curry

Duck makes for an excellent curry meat, absorbing the garlic and ginger marinade overnight and cooked slow for a tender meal.

Boot bhaja (stir-fried Bengal gram)

Bengal gram are black chickpeas, which here are soaked overnight then simmered until tender and cooked in an aromatic blend of spices and chilli.

Aloo pitika

Aloo pitika is an Indian-style mashed potato, with a spicy kick from the green and red chillis and a fresh burst of coriander and red onion.

Episode 3 | West Bengal

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 7 October 2021 on SBS Food

West Bengal is known for its delicious desserts and seafood and Bengali cuisine prides itself on its flavours and regional produce. Fish and rice are staples and no Bengali meal is complete without a traditional fish curry and in this episode, Sandeep prepares a prawn curry called chingri malai. This curry brings together the classic prawns and coconut cream but with an Indian twist of mustard oil and spices. We also have Helly’s kosha mangsho, a traditional slow-cooked goat curry that is served with lentils and rice and is made on special occasions. The episode ends with Adam’s take on the traditional Bengali fish curry that is tangy and loaded with flavours.

Bengali fish curry

Bengali fish curries are hearty affairs, with prawns, mussels and barramundi cooked in freshly toasted spices and dressed with coriander.

Kosha mangsho

This is a curry for the lovers of a good spice kick, with the goat meat marinated overnight in a blend of spices and yoghurt, laden with a hot curry sauce.

Chingri malai

Large king prawns marinated in rich coconut cream, plenty of spices and chilli powder, served with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Episode 4 | Kerala

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 14 October 2021 on SBS Food

Known for its scenic backwaters and rich heritage, cuisine from Kerala is the perfect example of coastal cuisine highlighting the produce from this region. The episode takes off with the famous winter ishtu (stew) by Adam made with coconut milk that is fresh, light and full of flavour. The best way to eat the stew is with appam, a traditional bread from Kerala and Sandeep shares his favourite Appam, made with rice and coconut milk that can be eaten at breakfast with chutney or with your favourite curry. We then have Helly’s Kadala Curry, a traditional vegetarian dish full of coastal flavours using curry leaves and native ingredients.


Serve these with your favourite curries or even a drizzle of condensed milk.

Vegetable ishtu

This light and fragrant coconut vegetable stew is wonderful served with idiyappam or appam.

Kadala curry

A beautifully comforting chickpea curry with coconut oil, coconut chunks and a perfect blend of spices all slow-cooked for a richer flavour.

Episode 5 | Kashmir

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 21 October 2021 on SBS Food

In this episode, we visit the beautiful Kashmir valley also proudly known as ‘heaven on earth’ in India. Not only is the place beautiful and scenic, but its cuisine is also distinct thanks to its topography and is full of flavour. Rice and meat are staples along with vegetarian dishes made to cater to the cold climate of this region. The episode begins with Kashmir’s popular tabak maz (twice-cooked lamb ribs) by Adam followed by Helly’s Gucchi pulao using native Australian ingredients and finally, Sandeep’s recipe for tamatar gada, a traditional tomato and fish recipe that he grew up eating as a child in Kashmir.

Tamatar gaad

Striking the perfect balance between decadent and light is the fish curry. This one's made from Australia's favourite, barramundi. Just be sure to choose farmed fish for a more sustainable dinner.

Tabak maaz

Tabak maaz are lamb ribs marinated overnight in a spiced yoghurt mix, then slowly baked until the meat is falling off the bone.

Gucchi pulao

Far from designer fashion labels, gucchi are a spongy mushroom found in the Himalayan region and are highly prized. Served here with rice and yoghurt sweetened with lilly pillies and desert limes.

Episode 6 | Punjab

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 28 October 2021 on SBS Food

Punjabi cuisine is notably one of the most popular cuisines around the world. In this episode, our hosts will bust some myths about Punjabi cuisine and introduce you to some delicious recipes starting with Dhaba style butter chicken by Adam. We then move to a popular ma ki dal (lentils) by Helly along with a blood lime pickle that is full of protein for our vegetarian friends. Finally, Sandeep shares his recipe for a lacha paratha (bread) and carrot raita that goes perfectly with the Dhaba style butter chicken and dal.

Laccha paratha with carrot raita

Laccha paratha are flatbreads from northern India, made with wheat flour and ghee and they go with a whole array of Indian dishes.

Ma ki dal

Ma ki is a creamy Punjabi dal made with black urid and chana daal with spices, coriander and a generous dollop of butter for extra goodness!

Butter chicken with raita and foogath

Rather than naan bread with your butter chicken, try a side of raita (an Indian yoghurt sauce used to cool the palate) and spiced bean foogath.

Episode 7 | Diwali

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 4 November 2021 on SBS Food

We finally have an episode this season with a dessert special. Diwali to India is what Christmas is to Australia with colourful celebrations abound. And no celebration in India is complete without food so in today’s episode we share recipes that are made especially for Diwali. Adam kicks off this episode with his version of carrot halwa followed by Helly’s kalakand and Sandeep’s quick and easy Rasmalai.

Episode 8 | Rajasthan

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 11 November 2021 on SBS Food

Known for its palaces, deserts, music and people, Rajasthan is one of India’s most popular tourist attractions. What adds to Rajasthan’s beauty is its love for food. In this episode, we will explore some of the best recipes from Rajasthan starting with Adam’s paneer (cottage cheese)/ricotta pakoras, a delicious crunchy snack that goes well with a nice hot cup of chai. We then move to the main course by Sandeep junglee mass (bushmeat). Known for their hunting skills, the maharaja’s of Rajasthan would often bring their bounty to the kitchen to make this delicious curry. For dessert, we have Helly’s ghewar with Davidson’s plum and pistachio that is made for festivals and special occasions.

Episode 9 | Madhya Pradesh

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 18 November 2021 on SBS Food

Coming soon.

Episode 10 | Andrha Pradesh

Airs 8:00pm Thursday 25 November 2021 on SBS Food

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