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Adam and Poh’s Malaysia in Australia brings two of Australia’s favourite cooks together on-screen for the very first time.
5 Oct 2021 - 5:21 PM  UPDATED 5 Oct 2021 - 6:44 PM

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Join Adam Liaw and Poh Ling Yeow as they travel around Australia combining their Malaysian heritage with incredible Australian produce and having a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

The two friends share Malaysian heritage and Australian upbringing, and they’re hitting the road to explore what makes the two countries such great mates. Much of Malaysia and Australia’s long and friendly history revolves around food, but Adam and Poh discover that there’s a whole lot more to the relationship than laksas and lattes.


Episode 1 | Tasmania & Bendigo

Airs 8.30pm Thursday 7 October 2021 on SBS Food

Starting their journey in Tasmania, Adam and Poh head out to find some of the best seafood in the world. Adam goes diving for abalone and sea urchin. Back on deck, Poh makes the most decadent seafood lo mein you’ve ever seen.

From there Adam heads to Bendigo, Australia’s newly UNESCO-designated city of gastronomy. He meets Bobby Yam, the chef responsible for the award-winning Malayan Orchid and Adam makes Malaysia’s national dish, nasi lemak.

Back in the kitchen Adam and Poh continue their exploration of Australia’s excellent seafood using western rock lobster to make lobster sambal, and lobster otak-otak.

Western rock lobster sambal

Poh uses pre-toasted belacan for her spicy sambal. She cooks lobster pieces directly in the fresh sambal for maximum flavour.

Western rock lobster otak-otak

This is a spin on otak-otak, a classic Malaysian dish where seasoned fish paste is grilled wrapped in a banana leaf packet. This version folds big chunks of Western rock lobster through the fish paste and grills it in the lobster shell. 

Nasi lemak

This is the national dish of Malaysia, and while the number of versions may be endless, at its heart it’s coconut rice, a few textural accompaniments and a delicious sambal. 

Luxe lo mein with abalone and sea urchin

Poh puts all the hard work of Adam's seafood catch into a luxurious version of her family's lo mein recipe. Feel free to sub abalone for your seafood of choice.

Episode 2 | Katanning & Merimbula

Airs 8.30pm Thursday 14 October 2021 on SBS Food

Poh is in the wheat belt, visiting the regional WA town of Katanning. Katanning is home to a large population with Malaysian heritage, due to a halal abattoir in the town that attracted migrant workers decades ago. Poh meets the local imam-slash-café owner and makes lamb rendang.

Adam heads to Merimbula on the NSW South Coast with his friend, Malaysian Australian poet and rapper Omar Musa. They go prawning and with their catch, Adam makes a dish from Omar’s father’s hometown, a Sarawak-style prawn umai.

Back in the kitchen it’s duelling laksas as Adam and Poh make two different versions of Australia’s favourite Malaysian dish – asam laksa and Sarawak laksa.

Umai udang Sarawak

The delicious fresh seafood from East Malaysia is the focus in this traditional dish from Sarawak. A specialty of the Melanau people, it’s similar to ceviche in that citrus juice is used to lightly cook the prawns. It’s also made with other fish and even squid. Watch out. It can be incredibly spicy.

Serunding daging (dry beef rendang with turmeric coconut sticky rice)

Serunding daging is a very dry, flaky meat floss with flavours of rendang. A serving of coconut rice is the perfect vehicle to create a flavour-packed snack. This recipe serving size is intended to reflect part of a shared meal.

Sarawak laksa

This is one of the most elusive laksa's in Malaysia. People from Sarawak love it, but it’s almost always made from the authentic pastes purchased in Sarawak and very rarely from scratch. So rarely, in fact, that most can’t even agree on what the ingredients are. 

Asam laksa

Forget everything you know about coconut-based laksa, this light, sour, and savoury seafood broth is garnished with sweet pineapple and lots of fresh herbs. 

Episode 3 | Central West NSW & Tasmania

Airs 8.30pm Thursday 21 October 2021 on SBS Food

Adam starts his journey in the NSW Central West visiting a new breed of sheep some are calling the wagyu of lamb. He meets the farmer, Graham Gilmore, and makes a Malaysian lamb barbecue, whole roast lamb percik.

Then Adam and Poh are back in Tasmania at the famed Agrarian Kitchen. Poh collects vegetables from their extraordinary garden and Adam joins chef Rodney Dunn in the kitchen to make a Malaysian vegetable curry, an Agrarian sayur lodeh.

Back in the kitchen, Adam and Poh are cooking with fantastic Australian beef. Adam makes rendang terlagi-lagi, a rendang you’ll want to have again and again, while Poh makes her famous beef curry puffs.

Adam and Poh with the Hartley family in Tasmania.

Episode 4 | Bruny Island & Mudgee

Airs 8.30pm Thursday 28 October 2021 on SBS Food

Adam and Poh are on Bruny Island – one of the best food destinations in Australia. They try local beers with cheesemaker and brewer Nick Haddow, before they take the beautiful local oysters in two different directions. Adam makes a Bruny oyster kerabu and Poh makes a family favourite oysters with kecap dressing. 

Then Adam heads to Mudgee to explore Australian native ingredients. To his surprise he finds they work perfectly with Malaysian flavours and makes a native asam pedas with bite, using blood limes, lemon myrtle and crocodile.

Back in the kitchen, Adam and Poh make chicken satay with Nyonya peanut sauce.


Episode 5 | Bendigo  & Tasmania

Airs 8.30pm Thursday 4 November 2021 on SBS Food

Adam begins this episode visiting Mason’s of Bendigo, one of Bendigo’s best restaurants and visits their supplier, B&B Basil, one of Australia’s first micro herb producers. He makes nasi ulam, a Malaysian herbed rice salad.

Then Adam and Poh head to Tasmania to meet Joe and Hawa Hartley, agricultural scientists with an interesting hobby. Joe is trying to grow rice... in Tasmania. Hawa and Poh make rabbit masak kicap from rabbits caught on their farm.

Inspired by a chicken dish Adam tried at Mason’s of Bendigo, Adam and Poh return to the kitchen to make a Malaysian chicken curry and roti canai.


Episode 6 | Sydney

Airs 8.30pm Thursday 11 November 2021 on SBS Food

Poh heads to Sydney to meet Junda Khoo, a restaurateur bringing the flavours of his grandma’s Malaysian kitchen to Australia. Once the head of the Malaysian Students Association at UTS, he invites a group of current Malaysian students to join him at one of his restaurants to try his decadent truffle mee goreng.

Adam heads to Chinta Ria Buddha Love to meet one of his favourite actors, Remy Hii. With Malaysian heritage Remy has starred in films from Spiderman Far From Home to Crazy Rich Asians. They try one of Remy’s favourite dishes, Chilli Crab before heading to the kitchen where Adam teaches Remy to cook one of his favourite childhood memories, kolo mee. 

In the kitchen, Adam, Remy and Poh end their Australian Malaysian journey on a sweet note with kueh koci and puding rajah.