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Adam Liaw returns for a massive second season, where he continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw S2.
7 Mar 2022 - 3:55 PM  UPDATED 9 May 2022 - 11:44 AM

--- The Cook Up with Adam Liaw's second season airs weeknights on SBS Food at 7.00pm and 10.30pm. It will encore on SBS Food at 11am weekdays and at 3.40pm on SBS. SBS Food will air a marathon on Sundays at 2.00pm, and series will be made available after broadcast on SBS On Demand. --- 


Adam Liaw, author and TV presenter is joined each night by two food-loving friends for a half hour of good fun and conversation as they cook up a variety of dishes centred around a nightly theme. Whether it’s an ingredient, a style of cuisine or cultural inspiration, Adam whips up his dish first before his guests follow suit with easy to follow recipes and tips for viewers to follow at home in time for dinner.

There will be celebrities, culture, food, and lots of laughs in a series that will provide everyday inspiration for foodies and non-foodies alike.

Episode 1 | Mozzarella

Airs 7:00pm Monday 21 March, 2022 on SBS Food

Season 2 of The Cook Up with Adam Liaw is back and do we have a treat for you our first episode back! Comedian and TV presenter Julia Zemiro and chef Morgan McGlone are in the kitchen cooking up their favourite mozzarella treats.

Fried mozzarella sticks, smoked tomato sauce

Mozzarella's clean flavour is just the thing for a golden crumb coating and smoky tomato dipping sauce. Don't worry, there's no smoking involved, just a clever mix of sauce ingredients.

Flatbread with mozzarella and capers

While simple in principle, this dish has a few twists that make it really pop: freshly made flatbread, warmed buffalo mozzarella, and an olive oil blend made with capers, marjoram and thyme.

Caprese salad

"This is the ultimate combination of flavours and would be my last meal."

Episode 2 | Food With A Story/Once Upon A Time

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 22 March, 2022 on SBS Food

Mabu Mabu owner and chef Nornie Bero and actor Andy Trieu are in The Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw to delve into their lives to create food with a story. 

Garlic chive and spring onion chijimi

It's no wonder this dish is one of the most popular dishes in Korean cuisine: savoury pancakes speckled with garlic chives and spring onions and served with an umami-rich soy dipping sauce.

Vietnamese water spinach (rau muong)

This classic Vietnamese side dish is the perfect green accompaniment for a banquet, or simply to serve with rice and soy sauce.

Charred octopus with desert lime nam jim (arti)

Cooking octopus is not as daunting as it sounds. It's just a matter of poaching and then charring in a pan. This recipe includes a flavourful poaching broth, and a punchy dressing to serve with the tender charred octopus.

Episode 3 | Family Dinner

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 23 March, 2022 on SBS Food

Winner of MasterChef Season 1 Julie Goodwin and comedian Aaron Chen join Adam in the Cook Up kitchen creating their ultimate family dinner recipes. 

Pearl meatballs

"My dad used to make this for me and we'd roll the meatballs together. What happened, life used to be so simple? Anyway, I based this beautiful, tasty snack size recipe on his recipe, with some help from the recipe by Woks of Life."

Black vinegar pork belly and green peppers

Green peppers bring a pop of juicy freshness to this rich and sticky pork - a pop you didn't know you needed until you take that first, perfectly balanced, mouthful.  

Beef stroganoff

Thinly sliced beef is key to the ultimate beef stroganoff. To make this easier, place the steak flat in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour, which will firm it up and allow you to slice it finely.  

Episode 4 | 80's Dinner Party

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 24 March, 2022 on SBS Food

Get the boombox and Fluro legwarmers out, we're going back to the 80’s baby! Looking For Alibrandi actress Pia Miranda and chef Justin North join Adam in the Cook Up kitchen to create their ultimate 80’s inspired dishes.

Veal Marsala

"This was a family favourite when I was a child- an easy Italian recipe that's good for kids. My mum used the Women's Weekly recipe and I inherited her book so I kept making it and tweaking it over the years."

Ultimate prawn cocktail

This 1980s classic has an enduring appeal with its combination of tasty ingredients, novel aesthetic, and ease of preparation.

Seafood vol au vent

You can fill vol-au-vent pastry cases with just about anything, but this seafood, dill and onion bechamel is certainly one to try.


Episode 5 | Fresh

Airs 7:00pm Friday 25 March, 2022 on SBS Food

Chef & author Jason Roberts and head chef at Sydney restaurant Red Lantern Mark Jensen join Adam in the Cook Up kitchen to create some easy and simple fresh inspired dishes.

Chargrilled eggplant, daikon, nuoc mam cham

"Eggplant is possibly my favourite fruit/vegetable. If it's on the menu I order it. This is a fresh and lively tasting recipe. There is so much going on with every bite - sweet, savoury with a good hint of lime and chilli."

Raw mushroom salad with capers and goat cheese

Serve this quick and flavourful mushroom dish with sourdough for a DIY-bruschetta, or without bread as a light entree or side. 


"Trust me, when you make this salad and share it with your family and friends, you will understand the relationship between my grandmother and my family.... This dish is about love and commitment to a tradition!"

Episode 6 | Sustainability

Airs 7:00pm Monday 28 March, 2022 on SBS Food

King of Sustainability Tim Flannery and chef Tom Walton join Adam in the Cook Up kitchen to create some delicious dishes that use the whole ingredient not just part of it. 

Australian native smoked eel potato salad

This potato salad has an interesting twist of the earthy, robust-yet-light flavour of smoked native Australian eel. It's great for barbecues and picnics, to change up your regular go-to potato salad.

Zucchini cacciatore

Where traditionally made with rabbit or chicken (cacciatore means 'hunter' in Italian), this vegetarian version uses zucchini as the star. Butter beans bring protein, and kalamata olives bring a salty-sweet kick.

Stir-fried water spinach with cured pork

Ready in just 10 minutes, these stir-fried greens are just the thing to balance a larger Asian banquet or to serve with rice for a quick and healthy midweek meal. The fresh, mild minerality of water spinach will remind you that you're doing yourself good.

Episode 7 | Tomatoes

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 29 March, 2022 on SBS Food

Adam, chef at The Old Fitz Anna Ugarte-Carral and comedian Gen Fricker are in the Cook Up Kitchen whipping up some delicious meals based around our saucy theme, tomatoes! 

Perfect fresh tomato pasta

"A simple classic. You can use any kind of spaghetti, but It's important that the tomatoes are ripe. If tomatoes aren't in season, seek out premium canned or jarred tomatoes from Spain or Italy. Any fresh soft herbs are welcome."

Tomato and garlic bread salad

Harissa, honey and lemon come together in a dressing that makes this salad really memorable. Bread and tomatoes are perfect salad partners – one juicy, and one to soak up the juices.

Roast potatoes with tomatoes and anchovies

"I love anchovies (I call them 'lil hairy boys'), and I'm always happy to see them on a plate. This is my take on Julia Busuttil Nishimura's recipe from her book Ostro, just adding a bit of heat to the saltiness (I've said cayenne chillies below but chilli flakes or your favourite chilli oil work just as well)."

Episode 8 | Vice

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 30 March, 2022 on SBS Food

NITV presenter Rae Johnston and Paralympian Ellie Cole are in the Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw creating their favourite vice inspired dishes. 

Triple-decker chocolate peanut butter fudge

For lovers of the peanut butter and chocolate combination, this fudge is one for you. With ingredients like oats, coconut oil, yoghurt and cocoa, so it's healthier than it sounds.

Pork belly with green mustard

A punchy green mustard is the perfect balancing act for dipping in crisp, rich and juicy pieces of pork belly.

Choc-chip cookie ice cream sandwiches

"You can use any kind of chocolate you have on hand to make this recipe - I like to mix dark, darkest and milk. I also like to use my own vanilla essence, made with vanilla pods and dark rum. Just pop it in a jar in the cupboard for a week or so and it's good to go!"

Episode 9 | Ten-Minute Dinner

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 31 March, 2022 on SBS Food

Need dinner quick for the family? Adam, Nilgiri’s chef Ajoy Joshi and bushfood educator Jody Orcher create their ultimate dinners in just 10 minutes in the Cook Up kitchen.  

Ginger pork skewers

Yakitori (grilled chicken) is the most well-known of Japanese grilled skewers, but yaki-ton (grilled pork) is just as beloved. This pork is soaked in a Japanese marinade before grilling, to make it flavourful as well as succulent.

Finger lime scampi salad

This summery dish would be great for any celebratory spread, with the regal-looking scampi. It's packed with herbs, full of tropical flavours, and comes together in a matter of minutes. If you can't find scampi, prawns would work just as well.

Chemeen porichathu with nei choru (Kerala Muslim-style spiced fried prawns with ghee rice)

These aromatic prawns are served with an Indian rice called 'nei choru', rice enriched with onions caramelised in ghee and spices.

Episode 10 | Canada

Airs 7:00pm Friday 1 April, 2022 on SBS Food

Happyfield owners Chris Theodosi and Jesse Orleans join Adam in the Cook Up Kitchen to whip up some Canadian inspired meals!

Jerk snapper

Don't be put off by the long list of jerk sauce ingredients – most are common herbs and spices, and they're all whizzed together in a matter of seconds. You can also use this marinade for other seafood, meat and tofu.

Buttermilk pancakes with Canadian maple

"One of Happyfield's most popular dishes, pancakes. They were the first thing that Jesse ever cooked as a child and were made the traditional Canadian way (thinner than your pinky, can be folded twice and can eat three without feeling sick). The trick to a light, airy pancake is to not overwork the batter. A few lumps are fine. This is the step that can separate the novices from the pros."

Maple and cinnamon beavertails

Part bread, part doughnut, beavertails are a deep-fried, sugar-sprinkled dough treat from Canada. Their name comes from the shape, which resembles the tails of local beavers.

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