Whether it's homegrown goodness or travel-worthy treats, SBS Food and SBS On Demand have quite the tasty 2022 catalogue ahead. Eat up! There’s plenty.
21 Feb 2022 - 8:56 AM  UPDATED 21 Jul 2022 - 11:21 AM

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Your favourite SBS Food-ies are back and yummier than ever! Feast your eyes on our 2022 plate slate.

SBS Food is at a rolling boil with exciting new local programs and returning favourites, sure to have you al dente. You'll be in the thick of it with Parisian classics, all the best street foods, and in an SBS Food first, we're going to be putting you - our humble home cooks - to the test.

Here’s what's on offer in 2022, coming to your screens as a full year-long course.

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw 

Returning to SBS Food in March 2022

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw is back! This half-hour of power every weeknight is part cooking show, part chat show, and all 'collab.

Each night, Adam welcomes two friends to his kitchen. He’s joined by everyone from Colin Fassnidge, Tim Flannery, Bruce Pascoe, Ellie Cole and Sarah Wilson, to Pia Miranda, Mark Humphries, Aaron Chen, Costa, and even first-year TAFE students taking their first steps in the culinary world. Everyone chats, cooks, eats, tells stories, and shares their invaluable cooking expertise. Whether it’s a deep dive into the sources of umami, or tips and tricks about how to cook perfect rice, The Cook Up is the place to come. Best of all, no one gets evicted!

Cook Like an Italian with Silvia Colloca S3

Returning to SBS Food in May 2022

Silvia Colloca, in un episodio di "Cook like an Italian" di SBS Food.

Silvia Colloca is back for a third season of Cook like an Italian, with even more family recipes to pass on down to a new generation.

The Streets with Dan Hong

Coming to SBS Food in August 2022

Born from a need to find fast, cheap ways to feed the working masses, there’s something special about those authentic, urban dishes that evolved on the streets of every city in the world. It seems Australian’s can’t get enough of these quick-fire dishes packed with nostalgia. But we are only scratching the surface, and expert Dan Hong is here to scratch that itch, uncovering the best food from The Streets, and putting his spin on it.

Dishing It Up

Coming to SBS Food in August 2022

Dishing It Up takes viewers into the kitchens of Australian households as they watch the latest cooking shows and attempt to cook the gourmet dishes in their own kitchen. How will they fare when attempting to follow the latest recipes from celeb chefs? We all love watching Nigella spoon gooey chocolate into little pudding jars or Jamie enthusiastically and magically whip up 15-minute meals, but how many of the dishes we see made on TV can the average home cook actually make? Dishing It Up goes into the kitchens of ordinary Australians to see - will they succeed, will their dish rival the Celebrity Chef, or will they burn the house down?

Guillaume In Paris 

Coming to SBS Food in October 2022

From its iconic landmarks to its endless riverbanks, Paris is one of the world's most instantly recognisable cities and welcomes over 30 million tourists each year. This series is a love letter to the city of dreams, Paris. In each episode, Guillaume explores two arrondissements (districts), starting with the 20th and progressively winding his way towards the 1st. The city is a mecca with 80 quartiers, and only those lucky enough to have lived there have intimate knowledge of the hidden gems nestled in the 20 distinctive arrondissements that coil around the Seine to form La Ville Lumiere (City of Lights). Part travel, food, history, culture and stories from the real people of Paris and chefs creating special dishes based on those stories. Guillaume will show us multicultural Paris, leaving no cobblestone unturned in this unique insider’s tour of Paris.

Plat du Tour is back for S3

Returning to SBS Food mid-2022

If October feels too far away, Guillaume will be back on the channel over that mid-year hurdle, with the third instalment of Plat du Tour. He'll guide us to the heart of France by exploring its wonderful food culture. Serving up his Plat du Tour each night of the Tour de France, the series features 21 recipes that originate from different regions of France - correlating to the different tour stages. 

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Duck leg confit, Brussels sprouts and speck

This technique is all about pan frying the duck legs in their own fat until they are crispy on the outside and succulent in the middle.


Although there are innumerable versions of cassoulet, most are based on a stew of white beans and various forms of pork. The dish gets its name from the pot it's traditionally baked in, the cassole. This version includes duck confit and the French garlic sausages that are a specialty of Toulouse.

Hot chocolate tart

This is a shortcut way to a knockout tart using everyone’s favourite ingredients from the confectionary aisle. No baking, no dangers of splitting custards or fears of sinking pastry.

Adam Liaw’s four-ingredient flan
This dessert is truly a lifesaver for hosts who can’t bear to skip the sweets, but haven’t got much time.
Gnocchi Sorrentina

In Sorrento, gnocchi is boiled and then baked with a rich sugo (sauce), shredded buffalo mozzarella and torn basil which takes the Italian classic to a new level.

Celli pieni cookies

These round biscuits are made from fresh pastry dough then filled with a mixture of jam, dark chocolate and nuts and are perfect with an after-dinner coffee.