Imagine if kebabs could talk? What an imaginative and crazy-fun (possibly awkward) conversation that would be. Lucky for us we don’t have to wish that hard, because the first instalment of SBS’s Kebab Kings did the job last night in wrapping up the people and the food, along with a side of self-reflection. All hail the kebab and the people behind those counters.
25 Nov 2015 - 3:11 PM  UPDATED 26 Nov 2015 - 2:09 PM

The customer is always right, and why mayo is a no-go, ever, with lamb: Here's what we learned so far from the Kebab Kings.

1. Smooth operator

It’s a tough crowd and a tough game at the ol' kebab shop. There are more kebab shops than the big name burger outlets and so first impressions count. Eminem rapped it, these guys are wrapping it: “you only get one shot do not miss your chance…”  

Customers are always right - which means, as Mustafa says, you don't get creative with people's orders. 

Don’t be putting tabouli and cheese on someone’s kebab without asking.



2. Clear vision is so overrated #skills

You have done the crucial part, the ordering. So really, keeping your eyes open when eating is optional. It’s probably wasted energy, energy that could be better spent keeping your mouth moving and devouring that kebab.



3. Choice, bro!

"Tomato, BBQ, chilli, garlic, hummus, sweet-chilli, mayonnaise, sour cream, satay, tandoori, mustard, homemade chilli…"  You try saying all of that fast!

Yes, you may be offered a myriad of choices, but some things should never go together. When you order a lamb kebab, don’t pick the mayo… ever. Don’t do it! Or Kebab King Ufuk may question your wisdom. Or sanity. 

(Tip: Chilli or garlic sauce is the wiser choice.)


4. Spag Bol?

A lot of kebab shops are open all day, which means a menu catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But spag bol? Yep, you can get spaghetti at OzTurk. Or even possibly eggs and roasted tomato. 


What really goes on in the world of kebab shops? Kebab Kings is a 3-part series that lifts the lid on the great Australian multicultural institution. If you missed Episide 1, don't worry. Catch Episode 1 on SBS On Demand or watch the encore on SBS at 8.30pm on Sunday, before episode 2 arrives next Wednesday 2 December, 8.30pm on SBS.

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