A little sweet touch goes a long way and these dough-y creations are guaranteed to raise your profile around that water cooler.
18 May 2018 - 11:57 AM  UPDATED 30 Sep 2016 - 3:17 PM

There is something so comforting and loving about baking your own biscuits and cookies. The dough alone is worth baking a batch... or five. Whether you like them soft or crunchy, chewy or firm, sweet or savoury - or all of the above -  these are best eaten by the dozen and will have your office so addicted they won’t be able to stop singing your praises.  Here are 31 of our favourite recipes - one for every day of the month!

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Kid at heart


Wrath of Khandy

Out of this world and just the thing for a birthday treat or for when you want a sugar hit with the lot.

Star Trek cookies

Fortune cookies

There’s lots of fun to be had with these favourites, and get creative with your fortunes, you co-workers might just be in better spirits for it.

Peppermint slice

Arnott's much-loved Mint Slice has long been an Australian favourite, and this recipe pays homage to the classic biscuit. It might be rich with chocolate but the mint cuts through and is a great (and refreshing) option for inbetween meetings. 


Choc chip & delish


Chewy chocolate chip

They’re crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside - these are a definite crowd-pleaser.


Peanut butter skookie

Break us off a piece of that! If rolling isn’t your thing then skillet your cookie dough and bring this monster of a biscuit into work to get you through the week.

Fabulous fillings


Mini alfajores

This delicious Argentinian biscuit is pretty much a small dulce de leche sandwich, which you won't be able to resist!

Melting moment

You and your colleagues, (or your friends and family) will absolutely melt with glee the moment you bite into one.

Melting moments

Jam-filled crescents (kiflice) (kiflice)

Somewhere between a scone and shortbread biscuit are kiflice; plum-filled crescents that look like mini croissants. While the dough itself isn't sweet, the jam filling and the icing sugar topping gives this pastry a sweet hit. 

Sandwiched peanut oat cookies with dulce de leche

Bite-sized, nutty and incredibly more-ish these cookies bring together a heavenly flavour combination – caramel, peanuts and oats.

Red velvet cookies

They might look like colourful macarons, but these red velvet cookies are more kin to the ruby-hued cake of the same name. Filled with a salty-sweet cream cheese mixture, these dainty treats make ideal gifts, be it Christmas, Mother's Day or Valentines. 


Is that a dessert in your biscuit?


Carrot cake biscuits

These biscuits are perfect for when you don’t quite have the appetite for a slice of cake, but you still fancy a treat.

Iced doughnut

Mmm.. doughnut. These cookies are for those in the "I can't bake, but want to" camp. And the best part: the messier you are, the cuter these cookies look.

Good news, you don't have to give up all your favourite sweets.

Baklava cookies

If cookies were a currency then these would be gold! Baklava-inspired nutty pucks, all bound up in honey and butter. Trade your cookies wisely!

Lemon meringue kisses

A good kiss should be soft on the lips, tingle the tongue and leave you wanting another. Be prepared to fall in love with these meringue kisses. They've stolen our hearts.

Sticky date cookies

We put these cookies to the test. Lunchbox sturdy? Check. Best friends with vanilla ice-cream (hello sandwich!)? Check. Love a cookie that can go from teatime to dessertime. Pudding should be jealous. These cookies offer up the gooey richness of dates combined with the chewy caramelness of brown sugar. 

Nutty delights

Walnut and whisky

These are super-addictive, and if whisky isn’t your thing, simply substitute with vanilla.

Almond crumb biscuit (fregolotta)

Hailing from Italy’s Veneto region, this monster disc of crushed almonds and sweet spice is said to have been created by Pasticceria Zizzola, near Treviso. Fregola is the word for ‘crumb’ in the Venetian dialect, and with just one bite of this oversized biscuit, its name will make perfect sense. Traditionally, it is served by laying it atop an almond, then pressing down to break it. You will need a 26cm springform cake pan for this recipe.

Biscuit of the month: Almond cookies (banh hanh nhan)

Almond cookies are made throughout Asia, including in Vietnam, where this recipe is a favourite. Simple to make but delicious, these cookies are buttery and short, and topped with almonds.

Savoury stunners


Spiced crackers

If the occasion calls for savoury rather than sweet, these make a surprisingly good partner for goat’s cheese or hummus.

Parmesan and poppy seed biscuits

These are addictive and don't think you are going to just stop at one. Talk about a perfect excuse to serve up a cheese platter at work!

Parmesan and poppy seed biscuits

Walnut and rosemary crackers

These crackers have a lovely nuttiness (thanks to both the wholemeal flour and walnuts) to them, perfect to serve with a creamy blue-vein cheese. They would also make a great gift, sealed in an airtight jar and accompanied by some cheese and a good bottle of red.

Gluten-free Parmesan crackers

These more-ish crackers pack a punch when it comes to flavour, and you'd never guess they were gluten-free. Serve on their own or with a soft fresh cheese, such as a goat’s curd or ricotta.

Savoury white wine and olive oil waffles (pizzelle salate con vino)

Perfect for afternoon tea, these savoury waffles are great served with salami, olives and chunks of pecorino.


Short & sweet


Scottish shortbread

Bake to impress with this traditional recipe.

Caramel and apple shortbread

Breton shortbreads topped with vanilla crème brûlée, caramel crémeux and caramelised stewed apples. For a tropical variation replace the apples with mangoes and reduce your cooking time to 30 minutes.

Rose pistachio shortbread

At 9pm last week, I suddenly got the urge to bake a batch of rose shortbread. You know when inspiration hits and there’s just no way you can resist running into your kitchen? As I was making the dough, I decided to add pistachios and use my tiny dalahäst (horse statuette) cookie cutter, too. It’s just too cute, right? These are lovely for the holiday season, but they would also be wonderful to serve at a wedding or a baby shower.

Chocolate-and-hazelnut shortbread

Simple and super quick to make, these shortbread will satisfy even the most hard-core chocoholic! For extra crunch, try adding some chopped roasted hazelnuts to the mixture with the chopped chocolate.

Sugar & spice


Spiced biscuits

Pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves, plus a generous dusting of icing sugar – oh, so nice is this sugar and spice!

Traditional gingerbread men

A classic your kids will love decorating. The dough is soft and pliable, making for easy rolling.

Aniseed ring biscuits (bussolai)

These ring-shaped biscuits are flavoured with vanilla, lemon and aniseed to create a crunchy and punchy Italian treat.

Fennel seed, almond and dried fig biscotti

These are tasty little biscuits, quite crunchy, not too sweet and awash with spices. They are lovely to eat with a coffee, post dinner or with an afternoon cup of tea.



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