• Would you like your egg in the cup or as your cup? (Instagram / Wild Saffron)Source: Instagram / Wild Saffron
Stock up on some extra Easter eggs this year, they might just come in handy for when you need coffee cups.
Farah Celjo

11 Apr 2017 - 8:35 AM  UPDATED 11 Apr 2017 - 6:10 PM

The way you enjoy your caffeine hit can be a thing of great beauty and supreme satisfaction. 

This time last year we saw the rise of chocolate-lined waffle cones and social media gave it the tick of approval. This year, caffeine lovers are once again rejoicing over their brew being hugged by edible magic - this time its the Easter egg. 


The trend kick-started when Ireland's Union Grind Espresso Bar shared their egg-cellent service on their Facebook page, and admirers quickly jumped on board as their posts became flooded with approvals, emojis and shares. And for those who don't do coffee, hot chocolate is also available and poured to order. 


The best thing about the idea of coffee in an Easter egg, is that it's absolutely DIY and comes just in time for the Easter long weekend - a great way to use up those loose eggs that have a way of lingering around.

If you prefer to leave you chocolate and coffee passions divided, then perhaps these chocolate sprinkle ice-cream bowls might be a better fit and  you can sit on your coffee cup for a little bit longer.

Chocolate sprinkle ice-cream bowls


Lead image by cv_wildsaffron via Instagram.

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