• Italian picked cherries with sweet spices (Benito Martin)Source: Benito Martin
For when you want to preserve your friendship, because food gifts are the best gifts.
4 Dec 2017 - 5:09 PM  UPDATED 7 Dec 2017 - 2:57 PM

For the holidays that keep on giving, gift a jar of pickles - a keepsake of a season past and  a moment of friendship remembered *cuecheesysoundtrack*.

For the super organised, we've got pickles to get started on so they're ready to use by the time the holidays roll in - some will need to be laid down for longer, ready for when the next celebration comes around.

Don't worry, for the super un-organised, we've got no-wait, eat-now pickles, too, to save your skin.


These will need at least 6 months or more to mature - so gift to those you know you'll still be friends with, so you can partake in the spoils. #justsaying


Pickled cherries with sweet spices

Kicking their next antipasto into superdrive - these sweet-tart morsels are made for cured meats, terrines and patés.  

Italian picked cherries with sweet spices

Indian-style pickled limes

Tell them you love them by gifting them with the *most expensive citrus that they can eat all year round! 

*Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, but have you seen the prices of lime lately? 


You're feeling smug cos you've got 4 weeks - timed perfectly for these pickles to be ready for the holidays 


Pickled red grapes

Pickled fruit may be a curiosity but the acidity from vinegar offsets the fruit's sweetness, in this instance, grapes - perfectly, says pickle masters, Cornersmith. Great on a cheeseplate or upgrade your next dirty martini. 


Bread and butter cucumber pickles 

Your mate will thank you come post-Christmas Day when ham toasties and turkey sambos will be doing the rounds. 

Pickled jalapeño chillies (jalapeños en escabeche)

For the friendship that needs the soft touch: Mexicans make a lovely, fruity tasting pickle, usually with gentle notes from pineapple vinegar or cane sugar vinegar - we've used apple cider vinegar in this recipe.


It's only 1 week to Christmas! We've got your back with these gifts


Pink pickled eggs

An ideal gift for frenemies - to soften the blow every time you tell them to go suck an egg. 

Pink pickled eggs

Malaysian vegetable pickle (achar)

These sweet and spicy pickles are fantastic for a barbecue celebration.

Vegetable pickle (acar)
Shiraz eggplant pickle

Pickles from the Iranian town of the same name - go one step further and gift with a bottle of wine (may we suggest shiraz?) to really say you care. 

Vietnamese pickled vegetables

For BFFs only - you need to stir these daily. One week of work means you can give them 3 weeks of joy!


For that friend who you really want to 'blow their socks off'. 

Pickled octopus

Perfect for those who like tentacles (the tastiest bit), or those who like Davy Jones cosplay. 



So you've really left your gift-choosing to the final hour ...


Yucatán pickles

You're at the 7-Eleven - it's either a Bic biro ... or a red onion. Choose the onion and make these ready-in-30-minutes taqueria pickles.  

Roasted pickled eggplant 

You don't live near a 7-Eleven? ... But you've got some wrinkly week-old eggplants or zucchini at the bottom of your crisper? PERFECT! Roast them, pickle 'em, tie a tinsel around it, and give yourself a pat on the back.

Haven't found the perfect gift? Get more pickle recipes here.

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