Here's why you should be making bowls brimming with a rich broth.
24 Sep 2018 - 12:15 PM  UPDATED 27 Sep 2018 - 12:17 PM

It's all about the broth, the seasoning, the sauce and the condiments. We've decided that there should be a pho on the menu every night of the week... and let's just say slurping isn't mandatory and no, you won't be missing out with these recipes.

1. A family favourite

Luke Nguyen's parents had a pho restaurant in Cabramatta and pho was on his feasting menu every day! This beefy classic recipe from Luke starts off with your very own spice pouch and finishes with a squeeze of lime.

2. A soft spot

Phở varies dramatically from the north of Vietnam to the south. Every family and every street vendor has a unique understanding of what phở should taste like, what it should be garnished with and how it should be eaten. Head chef Geoff Lindsay of Dandelion restaurant shares his chicken phở with a soft-cooked egg.

Chicken soup – whether served as Vietnamese pho or as "Jewish penicillin" – is one of many cultural approaches to relieving a cold.

3. Dreaming of a French getaway?

This is a celebration of history and culture as Luke Nguyen brings together two soupy classics come together in this French onion phở.

4. The best faux pas phở-pie

Looks can be deceiving, but never fear flavours are all there, as artisan pie maker, Neil Broomfield takes the Vietnamese phở and encases it with rich pastry. Who's up for a Vietnamese-style beef pie?

Pho pie

Have you tried Luke's phở-guette?
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5. Play with your broth

A little effort goes a long way and this makes all the difference when making your own homemade stock. This vegetarian-friendly version calls on shiitake mushrooms, nori and will have you balancing out your flavours with the lime/hoisin/chilli sauce medley to find your perfect bowl.

6. Keep calm and chilli on

Mmm... let the aroma of this warming soup fill up your kitchen at dinnertime. And don't worry if you aren't able to low and slow your soupy base, this Vietnamese chilli beef noodle soup calls on a good quality store-bought beef stock without skimping on the flavours you know and love.

Vietnamese chilli beef and noodle soup

7. It's got the X-factor

This phở is a combination of the many tips Thanh Truong from The Chefs' Line, has received from family and friends along the way. He uses gravy beef (his father's touch) and shrimp paste and lemongrass for added X-factor alongside red dates and daikon.

Beef phở

8. Needy and speedy 

This speedy chicken phở is just that and uses a pressure cooker to raise your stocks. Arrange your noodles and chicken into your bowls, ladle your broth and then get topping.

A supplied photo of Pho Ga - Chicken Rice Noodle Soup - from Little Vietnam by Nhut Huynh. (AAP Image/Lantern)

9. Southern-style

Whilst there are variations of phở across the country this recipe is closer to the southern Vietnamese-style phở, which tends to have a sweeter broth and ample fresh herbs and garnishes.

10. Superstock

The secret to this recipe lies in the quality of the stock – along with the beautiful spices so don't skimp or hold back.

Of course, we're Team Pho.

11. Soup turned salad

Finally, they too can be a pho participant, rather than a spectator! There are no fancy ingredients - all that is needed to achieve an amazing flavour is a bit of time.
Hetty McKinnon's salad is a clever vegetarian version of pho.

12. Vegemite lovers, this one's for you

Pho made with Vegemite might sound slightly terrifying, but the spread we know and love actually provides the perfect salty base for a delicious, albeit not-your-average pho broth. #BringBackTheClassics

This vegetarian pho uses Vegemite in its broth.

13. Ready in under 60 mins

This is a simplified version of the classic pho recipe, which means you can have dinner on the table in around twenty minutes rather than leaving it to simmer for hours! The broth base is flavoured with sesame, ginger, spring onions, chilli and lime and then filled with lots of veggies and buckwheat noodles before being topped with fresh coriander.

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