If you love cooking but hate cleaning, then these one-pan/pot/tray meals are the way to go for dinner tonight! (Plus a decadent dessert or two.)
13 Mar 2019 - 9:45 AM  UPDATED 13 Mar 2019 - 9:46 AM

Earn fans with one pan

1. Farmer's breakfast (bauernfrühstück)

Similar to an omelette, this one-pan dish of German farmers pulls together potato, egg and bacon that's great for an easy breakfast or dinner. 

Hearty fare for a viewing marathon.

2. Chilli ginger school prawns

In 14 minutes, you've got yourself a pan full of spicy, fresh prawns that go perfectly with a cold beer. Perfect for a Friday night throw-together. 

3. The perfect ratatouille

Done low and slow, this ratatouille is a case of chopping, frying and relegating the pan to the oven to take over the rest of the work. How long you leave it in is up to you, depending on how soft and tender you want the eggplant, and how long you can resist the delicious smell. 

The perfect ratatouille

4. Chicken pulao

Watch your guests' faces as you take the lid off this Indian dish, it's rustic, vibrant and smells incredible. The best bit: that amazement turns to joy as they bite into the spiced and zesty rice. 

5. Green bean stew (loubyeh b'zeit)

There's a good chance you already have everything you need to make this Lebanese dish in your kitchen cupboard. It's very easy to pull together and is a tasty way to get the veggies in. 

Loubyeh b’ zeit or green beans in olive oil (although, technically, it’s tomato sauce) is a Middle Eastern vegetarian one-pot dish.

6. Tomato and eggplant casserole (bohémienne)

This recipe makes a home-cooked French meal easy. Fry the ingredients, bake for 20 minutes then serve straight from the pan with a salad and loaf of good bread. Bon appétit!

7. Beef shakshuka with smoked eggplant

As vibrant as it is comforting, here's a one-pan meal you'll want to add to your repertoire. It even involves whizzing up your own tahini sauce, which is very simple.

8. Paella Valenciana

Everything about this Spanish classic is amazing, but its the layer of crusted rice at the bottom of the pan that is everyone's ultimate goal. The secret to the best soccarat (the name given to the layer) is making sure your stock to rice ratio is right. 

Paella Valenciana

The dos and don’ts for real-deal paella
A crispy rice crust is a must and stay clear of the chorizo, says Movida’s Frank Camorra, “it freaks the Spaniards out”.

9. Spring green risotto

If there's a chief of the one-pan meal clan, it would have to be the humble risotto. Packed with healthy, new season peas and asparagus, it's a wholesome meal that still leaves you with time to properly enjoy it.

10. Turnip top and goat's cheese frittata

If you've always gone for the bulb of the turnip, give the leafy, green tops a go with this frittata that's a little bit fancy (but still easy).

Turnip and goat's cheese frittata

A solitary tray goes a long way...

11. Baked Spanish paprika chicken with tomatoes

Colourful, flavourful and easy to make, this is a winner for busy weeknights where a healthy meal is in order. Give the pan a good shake halfway through to spread the flavours around.

12. Mediterranean tray-bake with haloumi chunks

Starring everyone's favourite root vegetables and flavoured with classic Mediterranean ingredients like lemon, garlic and olive oil, this bake could easily be a side or the main. And, for the win, it's scattered with haloumi! 

13. Kylie Kwong's honey-roasted chicken wings

A family classic, a big tray of hot, sticky chicken wings will never leave you with leftovers and the biggest cleaning job afterwards will be licking your fingers clean. 

Something sweet...

14. Dumplings in apple sauce

A light pastry dough that's cooked in a fresh butter, apple and honey sauce, serve them straight from the pan for an easy end to your one-dish meal. 

Dumplings in apple sauce

15. Condensed milk, lemon and gingernut pudding

A bit like an upside-down cheesecake, a bit like a crumble, this is a pudding in the retro sense. The puddings are set in the cups you serve them from, so they're a quick-clean job.

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