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Current mood: Recipes that tip their meat-to-carb hats to World Kebab Day.
10 Jul 2019 - 1:57 PM  UPDATED 15 Jul 2019 - 2:50 PM

The 12th of July is all about holding a kebab in one hand while waving the other in the air to grab your attention to come to eat. The kebab has a lot of power behind it, even the ex-Secretary-General of the United Nation, Kofi Annan once said, "There will not be peace until the kebab is universal..." and we are all about spearheading the joys and unity that this special dish brings together.

However you like to grab it, we've got a handful of charcoal-roasted meats and vegetables on our radar, all teamed-up with plenty of condiments, seasonings and sides - such as rice, dips and of course bread, bread, bread - to make every day a tribute to the humble and loving kebab.

The lowdown
Shawarma, gyros and doner, get the DL on kebabs
Heated debate is likely to follow, but we're being brave. Fortified by some excellent bread-and-meat combos, we're tackling the tricky question of the difference between a doner kebab, a gyros and a shawarma. And why none of them should have cheese.

Traditional lamb and pistachio kebab with smoked eggplant and garlic yoghurt

Discover what a traditional Turkish kebab is with a recipe originating from the Gaziantep region. Chunks of meltingly sweet lamb mixed with pistachio nuts, cooked on a charcoal barbecue and served with a smoked eggplant and garlic yoghurt sauce, which comes courtesy of Efendy and Anason chef, Somer Sivrioglu. 

Ali nazik, chopped lamb and pistachio kebab

Fenugreek and tamarind fish skewers

This kebab is inspired by the melting pot that is modern Emirati cuisine. Fenugreek leaves, available dried and frozen from Indian supermarkets, possess a slightly bitter taste and you can use any firm, oily fish you like here; mackerel, swordfish or kingfish would work brilliantly.  

Coconut-braised beef brisket kebab

Beef rendang curry meets the humble kebab. Two great love stories, one incredible ending - and we're simply wrapped at this Biggie Smalls must-have.

Marinated chicken with preserved lemon

An array of spices - smoked paprika, cumin, turmeric and saffron - are all showing their might in this chicken street snack. We're mesmerised by the colours from the chicken and harissa dressing, but its the taste that has us sitting back planning our next poultry dash. 

Gyro meatball kebabs with feta tzatziki sauce

The meat for this pita wrap is typically lamb, though beef is frequently added. It is ground and formed into large cones that are cooked on vertical rotisseries. The grill gives this recipe a touch of smoky flavour, and all you need do is pull off the cooked meatballs and place into pita bread - don't forget that wicked feta sauce!

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