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When fruit meets cake batter all sorts of delicious things can happen.
28 Aug 2019 - 10:56 AM  UPDATED 28 Aug 2019 - 10:56 AM

1. Harlinger apple cake

This fancy-pants Dutch apple cake has a pastry, sponge, custard and cooked apple layer set in a cream topping. The final sprinkling of almonds crisp up in the oven and make for a crunchy textural finish.

2. 20-hour apple cake with spiced crème anglaise

This 10-hour slow-baked apple cake is formed only using thinly sliced apples, butter and sugar. It lazes around in the fridge for another 10 hours to set into a slab of smooth, caramel-y apple cake dreams.

3. Sadie's birthday apple cake

Sweet and simple.

This Gourmet Farmer recipe uses three apples per cake and has a nice helping of cinnamon too. It's a real treat to make as you pretty much just dump everything into a bowl, mix, then bake. 

4. Mary McDevitt's apple cake


If you're just after a recipe for one and can't be bothered with the halving (hot tip, two cakes won't go to waste with some cream cheese icing sandwiching them together) then try out this apple cake recipe by Mary McDevitt.

5. Vintage apple cake (fugassa de pomi)

This delightful Italian apple cake is best eaten for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, according to recipe author, Valeria Necchio. It's fluffy, rich and wholesome all at once. 

6. Polish apple cake

This extra-luxurious Polish apple cake is crowned with a layer of meringue and toasted coconut. It's not overly sweet so can be enjoyed without concern for moderation. 

7. Chopped apple cake

This apple cake is the pome fruit's answer to banana bread. The loaf-style cake is studded with little nuggets of chopped up apple which soften and sweeten as they cook.

8. Apple charlotte with thyme custard

A charlotte is an English dessert filled with stewed apples, or other fruit, wrapped in buttered bread (aka the fanciest toast you've ever had). The bread gets all crunchy and butter-filled which holds up well with the sweet fruit filling. 

9. Danish apple cake (Æblekage)

This sweet and simple Danish number layers sliced apples in a rich butter cake. It tops Matthew Evans' recipe with 5 whole apples in one cake. This cake goes great with a dollop of thick cream, but really which one wouldn't.


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Spiced apple & cream cheese muffins

Use your favourite combo of seeds to sprinkle over these muffins. I like a mixture of linseeds (flax seeds), sunflower seeds and pepitas (pumpkin seeds). The muffins are best straight from the oven, but reheat quite well in the microwave. For a little extra indulgence, enjoy with a spoon of butter and jam.

Warm spiced apple and custard crumble

The classic combination of apple and cinnamon gets a little boost from the spice cupboard, while custard baked into the crumble adds a delicious twist. 

Apple, pecan and gorgonzola turnovers

These decadent little pastry triangles are perfect to take along to a picnic, or to serve for a simple make-ahead dessert. 

Apple strudel

Apple strudel is a specialty of Austria and Bavaria (Bayern), but is loved worldwide. This version adds a dash of rum to the apple, cinnamon and raisin filling. 

Apple tarte tatin with crème diplomat

Served with our favourite side: the diplomat cream, which is a luscious mixture of creme patisserie folded through the softly whipped cream. The Chefs' Line

Apple custard and honey tart

Apples with a little sharpness are perfect for this custard tart. 

Cinnamon, apple & cream cheese scrolls

These scrolls combine the richness of cream cheese with apple and cinnamon to create a moreish bite. Don't let the long resting time scare you - this recipe just requires time, not effort!

Honey panna cotta with burnt apple puree and summer berries

A simple, healthy-ish dessert with only a little sugar, some lovely fresh berries (that the kids LOVE) and a few curls of delicious chocolate, that the kids demanded be in there.

Dumplings in apple sauce

A light pastry dough cooked in butter, apple and honey - virtually all of Matthew Evans' favourite things all in one pan.