From squeaky haloumi to herring, the open sandwich can showcase almost anything.
6 Apr 2021 - 12:26 PM  UPDATED 6 Apr 2021 - 9:14 PM

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From Danish smørrebrød to a French tartine, an open sandwich can be anything from a simple snack to a national treasure. And somehow, the combination of a slice of fresh bread and some tasty toppings can be so much more than the sum of its parts. The options are endless, but here are some traditional (and not so traditional! Ice-cream sandwich, anyone?) ideas to get you started. 

Pickled herring on rye

Smørrebrod has been gracing Scandinavian tables for centuries. And this recipe offers two takes: a classic with butter, pickled herring, onion and dill; or an "up the ante" curried herring and mayonnaise version, served with sliced egg. 

Pickled herring on rye.

Melted leek and ricotta tartine

"With such a basic recipe as this one, adaptations are welcomed and encouraged. Replace the leeks with fennel, greens, carrots or tomatoes. Add fresh herbs, spices or bits of bacon. It's splendid in its simplicity; perfect for a lovely lunch," says Ashley Rodriguez, the award-winning blogger behind Not Without Salt

Open sandwiches of smoked fish and horseradish cream

You can use any smoked fish for these easy canapes by Matthew Evans. 

Tartines 3 ways

Bondi Harvests' Guy Turland offers three versions: a sweet haloumi option, with the fried cheese served up with avocado, honey, lemon and toasted almonds; one with balsamic strawberries and ricotta; or pickled mushrooms. 

Open ice-cream sandwiches (ice-cream loti)

These open-faced sandwiches are a favourite Singapore street snack and consist of various ice-cream flavours scooped over eye-catching rainbow bread.

Not your average lunchtime sandwich...

'The lawyer’s lunch' (smorrebrod)

"The world of the classic Danish open sandwich can be a confusing one at times, with dozens of separate toppings and hundreds of different varieties of sandwiches with names like ‘The Veterinarian’s Supper’ and the ‘Shooting Star’. My version takes the flavours of a Chinese ‘siu mai’ dumpling and gives them a Danish makeover," says Adam Liaw of his twist on the classic. 

Hobz biz-zejt (Maltese open sandwich)

Hobz biz-zeit translates as bread with oil. This open sandwich slathered with kunserva (sweetish tomato paste) and topped with the best the Mediterranean has to offer is Malta’s number one snack food. In his recipe, Shane Delia likes to use white anchovies, which are pickled in vinegar rather than preserved in salt or oil and have a mild, sweet flavour.


Chocolate smørrebrød

"There are no rules here!" says Adam Liaw of his playful sweet recipe, inspired by Danish and Dutch classics and invented as part of his Eurovision Bites collection. This recipe combines the iconic Danish open sandwich, smørrebrød, with the Dutch take on fairy bread, hagelslag.

Chocolate smørrebrød

We're also open to these ideas!
Breezy bruschetta

Freshly made bruschetta, eaten outside on a warm summer's day is pretty hard to beat. Try to use the freshest ingredients you can find here to help the flavours shine through.

Get on top with these grilled breadwinners
The Italians were on to something when they invented bruschetta.
Pea, mint & feta crostini

A bright, fresh topping that's great on sourdough. 

Chicken and tarragon open sandwiches

Make these with Paddy Winston's seedy Irish soda bread. 

Open rye sandwiches (smorrebrod)

Three ways to top pumpernickel bread.

Welsh rarebit

After a fresh take on the classic cheese toastie? Try Matthew Evans’ Welsh Rarebit. This dish combines cheddar and pale beer with a hit of Dijon mustard. Top it with a poached egg and it becomes a 'Welsh Buck'.