• Matthew's strawberry and rhubarb crumble (Alan Benson)Source: Alan Benson
Feeling crumby? It's nothing that a delicious, comforting crumble can't fix. (With cream and ice cream, of course!) ​
28 Jun 2021 - 1:18 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2021 - 1:09 PM

Crumble goes perfectly during those cooler nights. Whether you craft it from rhubarb, apple, pear, cherry or even chocolate, any one of these tasty masterpieces is sure to have your kitchen smelling amazing, and keep the most passionate of dessert lovers happy! 

Baked rhubarb served with macadamia crumble and vanilla ice cream

Bringing a native Aussie flavour to an adopted classic, macadamias make for a great crumble. For the best results, cook the rhubarb until it's tender, but not falling apart and you'll fall in love.

Apple crumble slice

Go for a good baking apple for this dessert slice, layers Granny Smith apples atop the shortbread-like base. Sprinkled with coconut and macadamia crumble, it's a tasty twist on the pie dish classic. 

Rhubarb and chocolate crumble

Using 100 percent cacao chocolate (go for Venezuelan, if you can find it) this crumble embraces a slightly bitter bite alongside beautifully sweet fruit - don't forget to jazz it up with a little orange zest. 

Rhubarb and chocolate crumble

Quince, hazelnut and oat crumble

Forget the baking dish, a cast-iron frying pan takes the cake when it comes to cooking a delicious crumble. The even heat cooks the quince on the stove to make it soft and juicy, then a quick transfer to the oven crisps the top. Perfection! 

Apple and blueberry crumble charlotte

If you've got a craving for crumble and have some leftover bread lying around, then we've got the recipe for you. Make either one big charlotte cake, or divide the mixture up and make lunchbox-ready muffins. 

Rosewater sütlaç, pistachio crumble

A traditional Turkish dish, this sütlaç is a rice pudding, and here it's served with toasted marshmallow ice cream and pistachio crumble. It's a real treat served warm, but a chilled version will also delight!

Strawberry and rhubarb crumble

With sweet and juicy berries in season, this is the perfect time for a strawberry concoction. Try this version from Matthew Evans, which uses rose geranium leaves (or rosewater, if you don't have any) for a really fragrant, fresh and fruity crumble. Check out that topping!

Matthew's strawberry and rhubarb crumble

Emergency crumble

This really is a "break in case of emergency' crumble moment with all the layers - crumble topping, a tin of apple (or pear) and some delicious thick cream. 

Carrot halwa with milk sweet crumble

The carrot cake-like halwa pudding is beautifully spiced with cardamom and is quite rich. Milk sweet is a common Indian sweet, made into a crumble by boiling milk until it begins to solidify, then adding sugar and cardamom before crumbling over the halwa. An addiction warning is in order, here!

Apple and blueberry crumble

A dessert intended for breakfast?! Where do we sign up? Coconut sugar is used in this recipe, and not much of it either, so it's not very sweet while still really warming and comforting - all at 7 in the morning. Yep! 

Sweet and salty cheesecake with cherries and crumble

What feta does to this dessert is what will happen to your friendship circle when you serve it at a party - it absolutely skyrockets! This crumble is made from blanched almonds and poppy seeds and doesn't use any sugar, so it pairs well with the cherry compote. 

Rhubarb-raspberry meringues with pistachio crumble

Meringue, cream, fruit and crumble, the flavour and texture fusions are all here. The meringues take a bit of patience and focus to get right, but the airy softness with the crunch of the crumble is well worth the effort.

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Caramelised stone fruit with crunch nut crumble and raspberry yoghurt

Bookmark this one for when the stone fruits hit the greengrocer shelves, as it's a great way to get your crumble fix with the best of in-season when summer rolls on in. A super simple and healthy dessert, feel free to play around with the flavours and add in your favourite spices.

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