Ice cream may be perfectly delightful by the scoop, but it's even better when it goes full dessert.
6 Oct 2021 - 12:30 PM  UPDATED 6 Oct 2021 - 12:30 PM

For some, the heralding of the warmer seasons is all about new growth, sunny days and fresh beginnings. For us, it's all about the ice cream.

That's why winter feels like a whole lot of waiting around. If it's too cold to eat ice cream, no one wants to get up from the couch. You know it's true.

Spring ushers in hope and the time to break out our beloved frozen confection is nigh. Ice-cream season is here and the world can start turning again.

Speaking of turning, while ice cream is perfectly satisfactory by the scoop, there is a manner of ways you can turn it into something even better. Prepare to rise.


We're diving straight in with this ice-cream sundae stuffed with fresh raspberries, peanuts, chocolate fudge and a crunchy-chewy honeycomb. Could this be too much ice cream so early in the season? Never!

Miso butterscotch sundae

This sweet, salty, umami butterscotch-like sauce might take a few minutes to prepare, so I stock up on it when a freakin’ weekend rolls around.

Black sesame and green tea ice-cream sundae

Bring a Japanese-themed dinner party to a memorable close with this delicious dessert recipe. Scoops of green tea and black sesame ice-cream are served sundae-style with a drizzle of sweet soy syrup.


Chocolate brownie and honeycomb ice-cream cake with chocolate fudge sauce

Just in case you had any doubts about how ready you are to go full ice cream immediately, may we present this chocolate brownie/honeycomb/fudge sauce tempter. We just want to burrow straight through the middle.


We'll pull it slightly back with the inclusion of fruit in this one. Rum flambeed banana cooked in butter, sugar and cinnamon, that is. There's no fruit quite like ice-cream-worthy fruit.


There is truly no greater friendship than fruit and ice cream, as this mango, coconut and lime celebration cake demonstrates. There's crispy meringue and roasted macadamias squeezed in there too. It's basically summer in a cake.


The only bad thing about ice-cream cake is having to share it. This is why having your very own strawberry ice-cream cupcake is sheer delight.


It's fitting that pouring oil into your ice cream mix feels rather odd because the flavour of this olive oil ice-cream cake is out of this world. Repeat, olive oil works in sweets very, very well.

Two-ingredient melted ice-cream cake
Turn an ice-cream tragedy into a dessert wonder with just a touch of flour and 30 minutes in the oven.
Strawberry and pistachio ice-cream cake

There is something wonderful about ice-cream cakes. This one is a layer of cheat’s strawberry ice-cream sandwiched with orange-scented pistachio meringue. It makes a wonderful dessert for any summer celebration.


Ordinarily, we wouldn't include a recipe that merely puts ice cream on the side of the actual recipe. But that's not what's happening with this breakfast-riffing tart. The tart is the maple syrup, the ice cream is the pancakes... perhaps click through to the recipe because this amazing creation is just too hard to explain here. And yes, we are having this for breakfast ASAP.

Heston Blumenthal's bacon and egg ice-cream

This is one of my signature dishes at The Fat Duck. What makes this recipe so special is being able to make instant ice-cream at the table with the help of a little dry ice. Dry ice can also be used to turn bought smoothies and custard into ice-creams and sorbets. I serve this dish with marmalade because its bitterness and acidity cut through the richness of the ice-cream.


Cop coffee ice-cream sandwich

Another American classic that's been given an ice-cream makeover and we are here for it. Black coffee and a doughnut in ice-cream sandwich form. Don't mind if we have two!


Rolling with the ice-cream sandwich theme, but this time it is baklava that's having a moment. It's basically smashing pistachio ice cream between baklava layers. Can you imagine anything better?


We cannot leave the ice-cream sandwiches without mentioning this passionfruit pavlova number. You know you're onto a winner when you're squashing passionfruit ice cream between two pavs.

Frozen passionfruit pavlova

The food dept. have reinvented the Aussie pav! It's simple: smash up your meringues or a store-bought pavlova and mix it up with passionfruit curd and a cream mixture, freeze and four hours later you have an easy, adorable treat for any Aussie occasion.


Someone, someday decided to put ice cream into a deep fryer and it was a spark of genius up there with Bell and the telephone. Like bright light at midnight, deep-fried ice-cream shouldn't work, but oh boy, it does.


Scoops of fried salted caramel ice cream smothered in homemade salted caramel, a creamy, sticky sensation. Thank you Jerry Mai for granting us the big spoon.

How to nail deep-fried ice cream
It's a game of science when it comes to perfecting this childhood favourite.
Fried ice-cream with coconut butterscotch sauce

Deep-fried ice cream is a magical thing. This is beautiful and crispy and coconutty on the outside, with melty, soft ice-cream on the inside, and a rich butterscotch sauce. 


A dessert described as a "mash-up between Turkish delight and ice cream" is always going to make the list. Not only are these timbals pretty as a picture, but they're also pretty darn irresistible.


You can make your own ice-cream bars. You can! We love these pumpkin pie chocolate bars, but you can make them with whatever you fancy most. We can attest that dunking ice cream into melted chocolate and re-freezing is endlessly satisfying.


The mango and coconut ice-cream log recipe features in the cookbook Vegan Christmas by Audrey Fitzjohn.

This one is for all the vegans who would never say they miss ice cream, but really do miss ice cream. A mango and coconut ice-cream log is here for you.


This shortcut kulfi lollies recipe lets you turn a tin of condensed milk into ice cream. How good is that!?

Rose-flavoured kulfi

Kulfi is a classic Indian dessert - an ice cream that is rich and decadent. Kulfi can be made in a variety of different flavours (mango, pistachio and rose being the most popular) and the good news is, it's easy to make and does not require a lot of complicated steps.

Mango kulfi

Kulfi is a popular frozen Indian dessert with a creamy, dense texture. Our recipe is mango flavoured but other traditional flavours include rose, cardamom, pistachio and saffron. Serve with fresh fruit or fruity jelly.

Pistachio kulfi

Delicately flavoured with Indian spices, such as cardamom, saffron and cinnamon, and sometimes other ingredients like rose and mango, kulfi has a dense, rich texture that will have you coming back for more.


Parfait is kind of a wannabe ice cream, but we'll allow it. Only because we're obsessed with this coffee parfait with prunes in Armagnac. We've already acknowledged that fruit is ice cream's bestie, but coffee and alcohol are its wicked pals who are up to no good whatsoever. We'll get our coats.

Flavour bomb
Yoghurt and lemon ice-cream

Standing somewhere between ice-cream and frozen yoghurt, Shane likes to pair this frozen dessert with a slice of sweet, crispy m'hencha.

Easy no-churn rosewater ice-cream
Whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk form a blank ice-cream canvas for whatever flavours your heart desires.
Wattleseed and vanilla ice-cream

Acacia Victoriae wattle is a native Australian tree that produces a seed with an aroma similar to coffee or fortified wine that is most often used in sweet dishes. Here, it adds flavour to creamy ice-cream.

Cheat’s caramel ice-cream

It's no secret I'm an ice-cream addict and I also love to take shortcuts, so this two-ingredient ice-cream ticks both boxes.

Pepperberry ice-cream

The scent of Tassie’s native pepperberry adds a lovely note to luscious ice-cream. You can make the basic custard, called an ‘anglaise’ in French, in a double boiler, which helps ensure you don’t overcook it.

Dairy milk chocolate ice-cream

This rich, smooth-as-silk chocolate indulgence is sure to become a household staple. Sorry.

Green tea ice-cream

Although green tea ice cream is now found all over Japan and in Japanese restaurants abroad, it only really became popular in the 1990s. It’s simple to make at home.