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Airs 6pm weeknights on SBS. British cook Rachel Khoo is off on her travels. Just a short plane hop from her London home Rachel uncovers a world of culinary inspiration. Immersing herself in different cultures and cuisines she records the special things she finds in her notebook and uses these gems of inspiration back in her London kitchen, cooking up an array of delicious new dishes for friends.
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Passionate and creative cook Rachel Khoo goes in search of new ideas in this vibrant and fascinating series. Rachel travels to some of the most beautiful foodie countries in the world, heading for cosmopolitan locations both urban and rural to get inspiration for dinner parties with her friends back home. Rachel gets under the skin of the local cuisine, showing two very different culinary influences, such as Barcelona and rural Spain, or in Italy, Naples and the Amalfi coast. Inspired by her travels, she demonstrates what she’s learned from each destination. Packed with delicious recipes and useful foodie tips, this series truly offers a world of delightful flavours.


Episode 1 - Istanbul

Airs Friday 7 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel immerses herself in this non-stop city from the allure and tradition of the Grand Bazaar to its coolest new quarter where she discovers what a new wave of chefs are doing with traditional Turkish fare. Back home Rachel cooks butter and soy mackerel, Khoo kebab and Turkish coffee creams.


Epsiode 2 - Amalfi Coast

Airs Monday 10 October at 6pm on SBS

Exploring this beautiful and bountiful coastline, Rachel cooks family-style at a cliff-side restaurant, and learns the secret to some delicious dishes with the very freshest local ingredients. Back home in London she makes: Rachel’s panzanella, speedy courgette spaghetti with homemade focaccia buns and lemon lava cake.


Episode 3 - Costa Brava

Airs Tuesday 11 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel visits the rugged and romantic Catalonian coastline and explores its coves to uncover some local foodie secrets. Back home she makes burnt leek parcels with a romesco sauce, seafood paella nests and honey-roasted peach crème Catalan.


Episode 4 - Provence

Airs Wednesday 12 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel takes in the rural beauty of Provence as she explores the mountain towns and olive groves and is inspired by some passionate food producers. Back home she makes baked goat's cheese cigars with a melon radish and cucumber slaw, Provencal roast chicken with roasted fennel and haricot blanc salad.


Episode 5 - Stockholm

Airs Thursday 13 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel takes in the cool of Sweden’s capital to discover why Scandinavian food is so fashionable right now and is inspired by some traditional Swedish baking. Back home Rachel bakes savoury Swedish buns, venison with celeriac puree and pickled blackberries, and a lingonberry and raspberry mazarin tart.


Episode 6 - Princes Island

Airs Friday 14 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel takes things easy as she hops on a boat to the tranquil Princes’ Islands where it feels as if time has stood still. She discovers a cute café with a tiny kitchen that feels very familiar but gives her new ideas. Back home she cooks a razor clam mezze, butternut filo pastry snails and a pistachio yoghurt cake with pomegranate.


Episode 6 - Naples

Airs Monday 17 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel revisits her favourite Italian city. Naples, both gritty and spectacular in equal measure, she explores its fast-paced streets and feels the heat in the kitchen of a very particular pizza chef. Back home she cooks ricotta and gorgonzola sfogliatelle, pasta pizza and shake-and-make ice-cream.


Episode 8 - Swedish Archipelago

Airs Tuesday 18 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel indulges her passion for the great outdoors. Inspired by both the woodland and the water, she shows off her fishing skills and cooks Scandinavian style at the waterside. Back home Rachel makes a savoury Swedish celebration cake (smörgåstårta), a wild mushroom soup with dill fish balls and an edible forest floor.


Episode 9 - Nice

Airs Wednesday 19 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel gets into the swing of this cosmopolitan Riviera town uncovering foodie gems in its charming back streets and meeting some hip young chefs cooking with bohemian flair. Back home she cooks little socca cakes with ratatouille, confit cod with rainbow chard gratin and mini-orange trifles with candied carrot.


Episode 10 - Barcelona

Airs Thursday 20 October at 6pm on SBS

Rachel explores this quirky vibrant city taking in its creativity, indulges in a traditional chocolatey breakfast and finds a kitchen with a modern take on tapas. Back home she cooks savoury churros with a roasted red pepper dipping sauce, 3 speedy tapas and some chocolate and fig truffles.


Cook recipes from Rachel Khoo's The Little Paris Kitchen.


Steamed barramundi with lime coconut sauce

Bursting with flavour and healthy to boot, Chef Pete Evans lets us on in his secrets for tasty and healthful meals.

Chilli mud crab

Chef Pete Evans serves up the classic chilli mud crab, with a DIY spin. Make your own sweet chilli and tomato sauce for a great depth of flavour to enhance the sweet flesh of the crab.

Tandoori fish skewers (machhli tikka)

The term ‘tandoori’ relates to dishes that are cooked in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven that’s renowned for turning out perfectly scorched naan and skewered meats, as a result of its intense heat that’s fuelled by charcoal or wood. You will need 8 x 20 cm skewers for this recipe.

Jerk chicken

Traditionally, jerk-rubbed meats were cooked over pit fires using the aromatic wood from allspice trees, but in Jamaica today you are more likely to see the meats barbecued in repurposed oil drums that are filled with charcoal.