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Evaluate your risk: How to prepare for and survive floods in a wet summer

A Swift Water Rescue team (AAP Image/Darren England) Source: AAP

Australia is gearing up for a wetter summer season with above average rainfall across the eastern parts of the country.Experts are warning people to exercise caution near flood-prone areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology or BOM is forecasting a wetter than normal summer due to the La Niña weather event which is expected to cause above average rainfall across eastern Australia this summer.

Out of the 18 La Niña events in Australia since 1900, 12 have caused floods in parts of the country.

The Bureau’s senior climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins expects to see La Niña dominating our weather over summer at moderate to strong levels, peaking in January or December.

According to BOM, La Niña typically means increased rainfall across much of the country, cooler day time temperatures in the south of the tropics and greater tropical cyclone numbers.

Flood waters
Getty Images / Tobias Titz

Visit your local State Emergency Service (SES) website or Royal Life Saving Australia website for more information on preparing for flooding events.

For your latest weather forecast and update, visit the Bureau of Meteorology website.

If you require support in a flooded area, call SES by dialling 13 25 00.

Call 000 immediately if your life is in immediate danger.

For language support, call the national translating and interpreting service on 13 14 50 and ask for your designated agency.

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