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Professor Rodney Sinclair - hair loss costs us economically, physically and emotionally

Dermatologist researcher Professor Rodney Sinclair from University of Melbourne and Rodney Sinclair Dermatology Source: Courtesy of Professor Rodney Sinclair

Hair loss could cost us dearly, but there is help.

Professor Rodney Sinclair said that hair loss is part of ageing and it is normal as we aged.

There are many factors that causes hair loss ranging from genetic condition, medication, medical condition and premature hair loss. Some time it is due to the thyroid gland over active or under active or might be due to not consume enough nutrition or iron deficiency. There might be some genes disorder that but mostly it is age related issue.

Professor Rodney Sinclair said that according to a decade research it has shown that some of the hair loss are related to genetic issues. Some of the hair loss problem are related to genetic heredity for some family and especially genes related to some type of hormones like androgens, oestrogen, which affect changes in the hair follicle. 

There are some medication that are used to treat hair loss for instance Donxefig can be bought from hair dressers. The other type is Minoxidil lotion which can buy over the counter from pharmacy to apply scalp to stimulate hair regrow or stop hair loss getting deterroriated. But according Professor Rodney Sinclair, research has shown that Minoxidil tablet is much more effective than the lotion and the side effect is minimal. Low level of laser are also used and people are recruited for clinical trial. Last but not least is hair transplanted which taking hair which is normally perfect from the back of the scalp to implant at the front area where hair has been lost. 

Some of those who got hair shedding or thinning tend to seek medical attention and dermatologist will diagnose and treat accordingly.

"Mostly of those affected, women tend to pay more attention than men. They tend to disguise their hair loss at great length" compare to men that just take it easy and shave it off. Thousands of women did not discussed hair loss issue with their doctors or GPs as medical condition but rather get it done with their hair dressers which might cost them but there is help, and it it part of the medical care as many other medical problem that some are subsidised by Medicare", said Professor Rodney Sinclair. 

Men are tend to be more aware about hair loss than women because it is easily seen. 

Hair loss is also being stigmatised  and it costs us our health and emotional well being and costs us economically it makes us look older. This affect our attractiveness to others when we chose a partner. 

Professor Rodney Sinclair also said that research in Germany has also showed that people experienced hair loss are discriminated. Those job seekers whose photos show they have problem with hair loss has got less interview or less opportunity compare to those who don't experience this problem.

Professor Sinclair said that people still don't know that this condition is treatable and can be treated and some treatment are subsidised by Medicare.

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