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Should there be a public holiday on Diwali in Australia?

Karthik Arasu Source: Amit Sarwal

Karthik Arasu, an Indian-origin candidate running for the Australian senate from Victoria, is campaigning for public holiday on Diwali in Australia along with other pressing issues.

38 year-old Indian-origin business consultant Karthik Arasu is contesting for Australian senate in Federal Elections 2016.

Karthik came to Australia from Chennai in India to pursue masters in Swinburne University almost two decades ago.

A manufacturing engineer by profession he opened a service station on contract with United Petroleum.

Later he also started training people in the small businesses.

After seeing lack of community participation in the Australian politics, Karthik decided to contest for Senate this year.

His dream is to be the voice of Indian-origin people and local community in the Australian Senate.

Karthik has become the first Indian-born independent senate candidate from Victoria in Australian Federal Elections 2016.

Karthik believes that keeping in mind the number of Indian-origin people in Australia it is time that people get a holiday on Diwali or Eid.

His social media campaign is handled by a team of techies from Chennai.

Karthik says that he learnt about the problems of people by extensive networking -  “There are several issues affecting the migrant population, especially of Indian origin, but hardly any representation of Indian origin people in Australian politics.”

The Senate is the upper house of Australian parliament, just like the Rajya Sabha in India.

But here the representatives are chosen through direct voting.

With most of his family members in Chennai, Karthik also passionately supports the Long Stay Visa for Parents.

“Contesting in the election will be an opportunity to put forth issues of migrant population. My goal is to gain respect for the Indian-Australian community and other ethnic communities through better representation and encourage inclusive politics,” says Karthik.

To know more about other major agendas on this independent candidate’s to do election list, listen to Amit Sarwal’s interview with Karthik Arasu.