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COVID-19 Update: Situation in NT's Katherine and Robinson River 'serious'

The spike in cases in the NT has triggered a lockdown extension for Katherine and Robinson River region until at least 6pm on Monday. Source: AAP

This is your update on the Coronavirus in Australia for 17 November 2021.

The Northern Territory is on high alert after recording six new cases of COVID-19, five of them in the remote community of Robinson River. A lockdown is in place for Katherine and the Robinson River region until at least 6pm on Monday. A mask mandate for all of the Territory has also been introduced.

Premier Daniel Andrews has criticised the "small, ugly mob" who continue to gather outside the Victorian parliament to protest against proposed pandemic laws.  Debate on the laws will continue tomorrow.

Pfizer has signed a deal to allow generic versions of its antiviral COVID-19 pill.  The pill could help in can be taken as an early at-home treatment to help prevent COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths.


Victoria: 916 cases and nine deaths

New South Wales: 231 and no deaths 

ACT: Six new cases and none for Queensland 


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