Settlement Guide: 5 step job search plan

Having a plan helps you to be organised and effective in your search for work.

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1. Decide what kind of work you are interested in

Find out more about jobs that interest you by going online or talking to people in the industry. Also consider what work pattern you are open to - full time, part time, casual, contract, or self-employed.

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2. Work out a job search timeline and set up an email account

Make sure you set up an email account and that you regularly review your job search plan. Most employers require you to email your job applications. Try to use an email address that is professional and suitable for work purposes.

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3. Prepare your resume and collect your supporting documents

A resume is a very important tool in your job search. Make sure your resume reflects the skills the employer is looking for. There are several resume building tools available online. Also gather your supporting documents together electronically on a USB stick and in hard copy format.

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4. Register with Centrelink and other employment agencies

Organisations such as Centrelink and Job Services Australia have various free facilities to assist job seekers. They also employ people who can assist you to find work if you are claiming Centrelink payments.

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5. Contact employers and use your network

Approach potential employers and use your networks - people are your greatest resource. Ask your friends and family for possible job leads and be sure to follow up.

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Translated factsheets are available in 15 languages for job seekers. To learn more about the job active program visit The Department of Employment.

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Published 2 November 2016 at 8:28pm
By Ildiko Dauda
Source: WA Government