Adani did not accept key scientific advice

By mid-June, if everything goes as expected, Adani Australia will receive the final environmental approvals for its proposed Carmichael coal mine. Source: AAP

Expert scientific advice on how to limit the impact of the Adani coal mine wasn't accepted by the company, despite the environment minister saying so.

Indian mining company Adani didn't accept expert scientific advice by Geoscience Australia and CSIRO on how to limit the environmental impact of its Carmichael coal mine, documents have revealed.

Earlier this month, federal environment minister Melissa Price said Adani had "accepted in full" the advice from Geoscience Australia and the CSIRO, prompting her to approve the company's groundwater management plans.

But documents from Geoscience Australia show Adani did not accept key advice and recommendations for its groundwater plan, the ABC reported on Thursday.

The findings included that the model used to determine the Carmichael coal mine's impact was not fit for purpose.

Adani also refused to accept that a new model could show the mine would breach environmental approvals.

The company would not commit to corrective action if a new model showed greater environmental impacts than Adani said would occur.

The revelations come from handwritten notes by Geoscience Australia's chief James Johnson from a briefing with the Department of Environment and Energy.

But Adani Australia CEO Lucas Dow says the company didn't engage directly or receive scientific advice from the two bodies.

"It wasn't put to us, we couldn't possibly have responded," he told ABC's Radio National.

"We never received any advice from Geoscience Australia or CSIRO in relation to the comments."

Mr Dow said he doesn't expect the project to be in jeopardy if Labor wins the May 18 election.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk wants to see Adani's rail plan before giving the Galilee Basin coal mine the final tick of approval, which has been met with resistance from the Indian company.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown is currently leading a convoy from Tasmania to Queensland, protesting against the controversial project.

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