'Amazing sight': Scores witness green meteor light up UK skies on New Year's Eve


Throngs of people across the UK were treated to a different kind of light show on New Year's Eve.

Residents of England and Scotland filmed a green meteor streaking across the night sky on Sunday, a few hours before they brought in the new year.

More than 700 people reported the sighting to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO) moments after it travelled east to west over the UK before burning up in the earth's atmosphere.

Reports from Coventry and Warwickshire, central England, suggest the green meteor was visible against the night sky for a few kilometres.

“We just saw a very large meteor as we walked down Golf Drive. It had a very large trail and changed colour as it burnt up in the atmosphere," Nuneaton resident Nathan Spencer told The Coventry Telegraph.

“It lit up the sky with a trail a good few miles long. It changed colour from white to yellow to green.

“Quite an amazing sight.”

The UK Meteor Network described the fireball, which was visible at 5.30pm local time, as "very large".

"Many observers reported green colour and fragmentation at the end. The meteor was apparently moving quite slowly," the UKMON reported.

The meteor was the last reported of its type on the IMO website in 2017.

Britons up and down the island were quick to turn to social media to share their experience.

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