April Fools: the best online pranks

You can't always believe what you read online, especially if it's April Fools Day. We've scoured the web for some of the best jokes creating buzz this morning.

Leader of the Opposition BIll Shorten took hold of the political pranks, posting his latest policy announcement on Twitter.

Former Prime Minister John Howard also made headlines on April 1 after The New Daily announced that the life of the former Liberal leader was going to be made into a multimillion dollar Hollywood film.

The New Daily wrote that the film, expected to be "released" on April 1 2015, would be directed by Daniel Scharf of Romper Stomper fame and titled "Man of Steel".

TV Tonight also came out with an "exclusive" early this morning, posting that Andrew Bolt was set to replace Charlie Pickering on The Project.

The article by David Knox quoted a Channel Ten insider, who revealed that "it will all make sense after the Murdoch camp buys the network for a song".

SBS also made waves with media pranks after Crikey's political correspondent Bernard Keane broke the "news" on appointments to the SBS board.

Keane wrote that ousted Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella was set to replace Joseph Skrzynski as chair of the multicultural broadcaster, joined by News Corp columnist Piers Akerman.

SBS reporters also had some fun with the crew at Cycling Central publishing an "exclusive" on the future use of sprinkler systems and cloud seeding to create a wet and muddy Paris-Roubaix 2014.

The dubiously named Jean-François Delugé said the race, notoriously dry and dusty, would be kept at the forefront of racing with the technology.

For the foodies, Vegemite took to its Facebook page to announce the launch of its new energy drink.

The Guardian also took on an Australian icon, reporting on fresh analysis that the lamington was actually invented in New Zealand.

The Guardian's reporter Olaf Priol quoted an expert who believed the "dramatic discovery was likely to blow debate around whether it was Australia or New Zealand who invented the Pavlova “out of the sky".

What April Fools Day jokes have you spotted? Let us know in the comments below.


Source SBS

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