Argentinian shock jock ordered to co-host show with feminists after sexism accusations

Angel Etchecopar at Radio 10 Source: Facebook/Radio 10

Angel Etchecopar is well-known for his verbal attacks on feminists and is now on probation.

An Argentine radio presenter has been ordered to host a feminist guest every week for five months as part of his probation, after being accused of sexism.

The punishment will start in March, with Angel Etchecopar ordered to not interrupt his guests for 10 minutes - he's also not allowed to criticise them after they finish. The air time will also be free of advertising.

It comes after prosecutors accused him of discrimination and gender-based violence.

Local media reports he used his program on Argentina's Radio 10, El Angel Del Nodia to attack feminists.

According to French newspaper Le Monde, he referred to the group as "feminazis" and "disgusting people."

Prosecutor Federico Vilalba Diaz told Argentine daily newspaper La Nacion that Etchecopar had been charged with "disrespectful, insulting, denigrating and discriminatory" outbursts against women.

But it's reported Etchecopar was able to convince authorities of his remorse and a female judge agreed to drop the case against him in favour of a probation-based solution.

"Etchecopar came to the inquiry with a repentant attitude and showed himself to be very different from the personality I had seen in the media," Mr Diaz told La Nacion.

Under the terms of the agreement, prosecutors will provide a list of gender specialists and Argentina's special gender violence prosecutor Veronica Guagnino will come up with the topics for discussion.

"It seemed important to me that the listeners of Baby Etchecopar could listen to other voices and other explanations, different from the ones they are used to, " Mr Diaz said.

"It is a non-punitive idea, but one that aims to improve tolerance."

For a year, Etchecopar - nicknamed "Baby" - will also have to avoid making offensive remarks against women, while he will also have to donate 15,000 pesos (approximately $AUD1,070) to the Catholic Charity Association Caritas.

If he breaks the terms of the agreement, it will be terminated and he will be re-prosecuted.

Source SBS News


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