Anzac Gallipoli campaign recreated on Twitter

The key events of the battle at Gallipoli are being recreated in real-time by historians on Twitter.

The @ account is tweeting the events on the day and exact time they happened 97 years ago, in both English and Turkish.

The account is curated by Turkish historian Sahin Aldogan and Australian author and historian Bill Sellars.

"It's giving all the key events, key times to the very minute - what happened exactly 97 years ago from the time when the allied fleet tried to fight its way through the Dardanelles right to when the first boat landed at dawn, through the entire eight months of the campaign," Mr Sellars said on ABC's AM radio program.

Their research has relied on Turkish and foreign official and private records as well as published diaries and memoirs.

Mr Sellars, who lives on the Gallipoli peninsula, told ABC he expects to publish at least 300 tweets on Anzac Day.

“01:04 First Australian troops, believed to be men of the 9th Queensland Battalion, land at Ariburnu headland, north end of Anzac Cove,” read one tweet this morning.

The broadcast began at 11:00 AM on March 18 which marked the 97th anniversary of the Allied naval assault on the Dardanelles.

It will conclude on January 9, 2013 which will be the 97th anniversary of the day the British forces left Gallipoli and a decisive victory was gained on the Gallipoli front by the defenders.

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Published 25 April 2012 at 2:16pm
By SBS Staff
Source: SBS