Bronwyn Bishop 'broke' expenses rules: Xenophon

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon wants greater transparency in parliamentarians' expenses.

Speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop

(AAP) Source: AAP

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon has described the rules around parliamentary expenses as "broken" after Speaker Bronwyn Bishop's controversial helicopter charter.

She has agreed to repay the $5227 she charged to taxpayers for a helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong.

"I think among some of my colleagues there's a culture of entitlement," Senator Xenophon told reporters in Sydney.

He said politicians should be required to disclose all trips within 30 days in a public register accessible via the internet.

"That might make all politicians think twice about some of their expenses," he said.

He said while the spending on the helicopter complied with the rules, it had failed the "pub test".

"It's not just the helicopter ride, it's spending $80 or $90,000 over a couple of weeks, which seems extraordinary," Senator Xenophon said.

"That's the sort of expenses you expect for royalty, and Bronwyn Bishop is not royalty."

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Published 16 July 2015 at 2:50pm
Source: AAP