carbonTRACK set for growth

carbonTRACK's third place in the Techventure 2015 start-up challenge in Singapore has generated interest from potential Asian customers.

Australian tech start-up carbonTRACK is set to expand in Australia and overseas as its energy management system gains traction.

The system can help home-owners and businesses cut their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

The system was only commercialised in February 2015 but is now attracting attention from Asia.

carbonTRACK recently finished third in the Techventure 2015 start-up challenge in Singapore. Techventure brings together investors and start-up tech companies from across the globe.

carbonTRACK co-founder Spiros Livadaras says Techventure generated several enquiries for trial installations from businesses in Singapore and enquiries from solar power companies in Malaysia.

"We'll start trials the week after next. We'll push into Singapore and Southeast Asia off the back of some of those contacts," Mr Livadaras said.

"We've also got some enquiries coming from Japan."

carbonTRACK has also been invited to attend trade missions to Brazil and Israel in 2016.

In September, Melbourne-based carbonTRACK raised $2 million, with plans to open offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Japan and Singapore.

Mr Livadaras said carbonTRACK was experiencing phenomenal growth, with its workforce expanding from a handful of people to 27 within the last year.

He said consumers are keen to cut their energy bills in the face of the rising cost of electricity and gas.

"People are hurting. Energy prices are increasing around the world. Gas prices are now almost up to what electricity prices are," he said.

"The benefit that we bring is that we do help people save energy immediately.

"If I look at where our units are being installed at the moment around Melbourne and NSW, it's that mortgage belt within 15 or 20 minutes of the CBD."

carbonTRACK's energy management system is a mix of hardware and computer software that measures energy consumption patterns and enables consumers to switch energy-using appliances or systems on and off from anywhere in the world, via a desktop computer or mobile device.

"You can switch on or off the bedside table lamp of your bedroom from the sun lounge in Fiji, if you like," Mr Livadaras said.

The system can be used to manage energy use from lighting systems, hot water tanks, heating and air conditioning units, pool pumps, solar power systems and individual appliances.

carbonTRACK does not deal directly with consumers but distributes its products through solar installers and resellers, and energy management and audit businesses.

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Published 24 September 2015 at 11:59pm
Source: AAP