Clean-up to begin after SA abattoir fire

The clean-up of the Thomas Foods International abattoir at Murray Bridge after a multi-million-dollar fire is set to begin.

The clean-up of debris, including charred animal carcasses, from a still smouldering abattoir east of Adelaide, is set to begin after a massive fire.

A special government taskforce including environmental officials will coordinate the clean-up of the Thomas Foods International plant at Murray Bridge, after a blaze that caused millions of dollars of damage, with carcasses being moved to landfills on Tuesday.

"It's now been assessed as safe to remove the carcasses, which were hanging in chiller storage rooms in the abattoir at the time of the fire," taskforce chair Mehdi Doroudi said.

The fire was sparked last Wednesday night when a worker accidentally ignited an offal bin while welding.

The boning rooms and storage facilities were damaged before the fire was brought under control.

Excavators have been brought in to access the basement of a four-storey building within the plant, with the deep-seated fire still burning below ground.

A Metropolitan Fire Service spokesperson said an advice message for local residents remained in place because of lingering smoke in the area and the fire would possibly burn into Wednesday.

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Published 9 January 2018 at 3:40pm
Source: AAP