Cory Bernardi proves God exists, deletes tweets

So we're taking this opportunity to look back at some of his most exemplary uses of the medium.


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The physical embodiment of political schadenfreude Cory Bernardi has deleted his tweets.

It turns out he may have been right all along: there is a God.

The conservative Liberal MP who’s most famous for clangers such as ‘putting a woman in a headlock sometimes justified’ and attributing quotes from neo-Nazi pedophiles to Voltaire went on a social media cleaning spree earlier on Tuesday deleting more than 900 of his previous tweets.

Yet before Aussies had a chance to rejoice he posted one lone, stagnant line to strike fear into the hearts of his 15,200 followers by assuring us that he would be back.

“Here's a tweet just to make sure you can't say I deleted them all,” he posted.

As user Jon Kudelka was quick to point out: “God takes screenshots mate.”

Sick burn Jon, sick burn.  

With Bernardi’s Twitter presence (almost) gone but not forgotten, we here at The Feed wanted to look back on the Adelaide politician’s best – or worst, depending how you look at it – Twitter turds.

In no particular order...

Cory Bernadi Twitter 1
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1. Idris Elba? Chris Hermsworth? Himself? Although Bernardi's clumsily worded Tweet to his wife Sinead on their anniversary in September was about God - we think, we hope - it left many people scratching their heads.
Cory Bernadi Twitter 2
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2. Ah yes, his most recent gaffe where he attributed a quote to famous French philospher Volatire when it actually came from the mouth of an American neo-Nazi with child porn convictions. Classic Bernardi.
Cory Bernardi Twitter 3
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3. Incase you were yet aware, Bernardi is a staunch conservative and strongly opposed to marriage equality.
Cory Bernardi Twitter 5
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4. He's nothing if not timely. Following anti-terror raids across Australia in September, 2014 Bernardi tweeted his thoughts on what women should wear. Hint: whatever he says you should.
Cory Bernardi Twitter 4
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5. "Intolerant bullies" he says? From the man who once linked gay marriage to beastiality. Irony in 140 character so less, ladies and gents. 


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Published 1 December 2015 at 3:59pm
By Maria Lewis
Source: SBS