Crane falls on house: marriage proposal goes awry

An over-amorous Dutchman became a homewrecker when a crane he was using to have himself lowered into his girlfriend's garden for a marriage proposal fell through the neighbour's roof.

Wedding proposal goes awry

The crane which fell on to the roof of a house in IJsselstein, central Netherlands, 13 December 2014.

The unnamed man hired a crane in the central town of Ijsselstein to lower him over his girlfriend's house and into her garden for the surprise proposal early on Saturday morning, emergency services spokesman Jelle Mulder told AFP.
"The crane the man wanted to use to propose fell on a house. During the attempt to right it, the crane unfortunately slipped and fell on the house again," Mulder said.
Neighbouring houses have been evacuated and the huge crane is still on top of the house.
"We're looking at the best way to lift the crane without it falling again," said Mulder.
The would-be fiance jumped to safety and no one else was hurt, Mulder said.
"The people in the house the crane fell on are deeply shocked," he said.
The authorities will decide if the house needs to be demolished after the crane is lifted.
Despite the fiasco, the girlfriend accepted the marriage proposal, Dutch media reported, and the couple has now gone on holiday.
"They had a trip to Paris planned and the police told them that there was no reason to cancel," said Mulder. "I don't know if they've gone."

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Published 14 December 2014 at 7:13am
Source: AFP