Curtains down on Muppet Show: PM Morrison

Scott Morrison says he accepts the knifing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull angered Australians.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says we don't need "gender whisperers" in schools.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says we don't need "gender whisperers" in schools. Source: AAP

Scott Morrison says the curtains have come down on 'The Muppet Show' after the Liberal Party knifed yet another sitting prime minister.

Mr Morrison said toppling Malcolm Turnbull in a bitter leadership coup was unacceptable and had disappointed Australians.

The prime minister hit the breakfast television circuit for the first time on Wednesday to try and heal the public wounds.

"It was a confusing and bewildering series of events, and not ones that I had any part in," he told the Seven Network.

"The curtains have come down on that Muppet Show and an absolute new curtain has lifted up, and we're focused 100 per cent on getting people's electricity prices down, the drought and backing small business."

In a separate interview Mr Morrison said if claims he orchestrated last month's leadership spill were true, "Elvis is cutting hair in Lithgow".

"That's just another weird bit of gear that's been put about," he said.

Mr Morrison insisted he had control of his party, despite the third leak from his government in as many days.

The latest leak revealed pre-election plans to fast track company tax cuts for small and medium businesses, costing $3.6 billion and delivered by as early as 2021.

"I'm not fussed about those things, what's the big deal?" Mr Morrison told the Nine Network.

"The prime minister is interested in actually cutting taxes for small and medium businesses. What are they going to predict next, the dawn?"

Despite making few changes to his ministerial line-up, the prime minister said he was leading a "new generation" team.

"Those events drew to a close many, many years of bitterness on a whole range of issues from previous generations," Mr Morrison said.

Liberal MP Julia Banks and Senator Lucy Gichuhi both say they were subjected to bullying and intimidation from male colleagues during the leadership turmoil.

Mr Morrison said as a father of two daughters, the allegations were personal.

"I've been speaking with the whip and dealing with this issue internally as an internal matter within our team working closely with (Women's Minister) Kelly O'Dwyer on that," he said.

"I've set the standard. I live that standard, I live my values, I lead by my own values. People know what I expect of them and I'll be holding them to account for what they do under my prime ministership."

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Published 5 September 2018 at 8:28am
Source: AAP