Harrison Ford tells Marc Fennell to "shut up", also forgets partying with The Rolling Stones

Marc Fennell sat down with the Star Wars screen legend and - you guys - he made him SMILE.

Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford has lived a helluva life: he has raided tombs, fought intergalatic wars and partied with The Rolling Stones and Monty Python.

Only catch is, he can't quite remember it.

In a recent interview with Carrie Fisher recounted a rowdy night during the filmimg of The Empire Strikes Back where she, Ford, The Monty Python crew and The Rolling Stones partied hard into the small hours before the actors fronted up on set to shoot scenes the next day.  

The 73-year-old has a rather hazy recollection of the night or - in his words - "it's all in the telling".

"I don't remember," he told Marc Fennell in a sit-down chat when Ford was in town for a Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan event at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday.
Harrison Ford Opera House
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"Well, I was living at Eric Idle's house - it's not unlikely some members of the band dropped by.

"It could have been... yeah.

"It's all in the telling. Carrie has a very unique point of view on things."

Han Solo himself greeted hundreds of fans at the event who lined up for hours in the sweltering summer heat to meet the legendary screen star - a fact that wasn't lost on Ford.

"It felt like we were stepping back into something new and interesting and positive..."
"It's always a bit odd, but I'm delighted that there's an enthusiasm.

"I have always been surprised at the degree of fan investment in Star Wars.

"I now think I understand it, I appreciate it: it's incredible that it's still here after all these years."

Of course the orginal Star Wars trilogy's trio of Ford, Fisher and Mark Hamill returned to the roles that made them icons in the latest installment with J.J. Abrams at the helm and in the director's chair.

After what fans considered the largely disappointing prequel films, the series' father George Lucas stepped back and made way for a new generation of stories and talent within his universe.

The legacy of the franchise, which is unlike anything else in cinema history, has endured for nearly forty years with the December 17 release of episode seven marking a new chapter.

"You really appreciate that you've been part of something that has satisfied people to the extent that they call themselves - they self-describe themselves - as fans," says Ford.
Marc Fennell
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"That's great, that's fantastic - but it's a very different thing to the experience of working there. That's very different to the fan experience, you don't see it the same way."

Although he remained tight-lipped about what audiences can expect in The Force Awakens, Ford let out an uncharacteristic smirk as he said that he was "very pleased with it".

"I get lost in the story, depending on how good it is. I'm along for the ride.

"It felt like we were stepping back into something new and interesting and positive: and it was good." 


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Published 11 December 2015 at 12:21pm
By Marc Fennell
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