How to attend your own funeral

Funerals can be a painful experience for mourners, but one 3D projection company is trying to lighten the mood - offering a service for the recently departed to appear at their own service.


Source: CNN

It's technology that was once reserved for Michael Jackson or Tupac Shakur.

Now an American company is offering a unique opportunity to the funeral industry; the chance for the dead to speak at their own funeral.

“It gives you an opportunity to talk to the people who are important in your life and, really, let them know how much they meant to you,” he said.

The only requirement is that the eulogy from the deceased must be recorded before death.

Mr Minardo says the holograms could provide comfort to families and friends mourning the dead.

"It's as realistic as you can get without being you.  Other than you coming up and talking to me, this is the closest it's ever going to be, because it's three-dimensional."

The service is expected to be available in the US within three months.

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Published 1 June 2015 at 6:59am
Source: SBS