Key quotes from the election aftermath

Federal Labor has vowed to learn from its drubbing at the polls, while the prime minister has shared his gratitude for living in the nation he leads.


* "I give thanks to live in the greatest country in all the world."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's reply when asked what he was thankful for while arriving at his church on Sunday morning.

* "Congratulations to Scott on a GREAT WIN!" US President Donald Trump on Twitter.

* "There's lots of lessons for Labor to learn from yesterday's result and I know that my party will."

Labor's now interim Leader Bill Shorten

* "Our policy agenda - it was big, it was bold. But I think perhaps we didn't have enough time to explain all of the benefits of it to the people who would benefit."

Deputy Labor Leader Tanya Plibersek

* "I'm a bit rough at the edges but I think that Australians don't want someone who just utters talking points."

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese, announcing he will join the race for the Labor leadership.

* "Pollsters got it wrong with Brexit, they got it wrong with Trump, and now they've got it wrong at the federal election here in Australia."

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

* "Mr Abbott was, I think, very negative when it came to progress on climate change policy and I think now is an opportunity for Mr Morrison to get on with the job."

Newly-elected Independent for Warringah Zali Steggall

* "I'm not operating as a bloc with the other independents. I very much run my own race in Indi."

Newly-elected Independent for Indi Helen Haines

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Published 19 May 2019 at 3:42pm
Source: AAP