Legal advice sought over WA jetty collapse

A report into a jetty that partially collapsed on Rottnest Island has been released as it emerged a family injured in the incident are seeking legal advice.

A family injured when a 112-year-old jetty on Rottnest Island partially collapsed are seeking legal advice.

A 48-year-old British mother, her 11-year-old son and a female relative, 63, from Perth were injured when a slab of concrete gave way on the Army Jetty in October.

Lawyer Lachlan Palmos is advising the Perth-based family about a possible damages claim, saying they suffered significant injuries and were still recovering.

Meanwhile, an independent inquiry tabled in parliament on Thursday found the Rottnest Island Authority could only provide evidence of one inspection of the jetty from October 2014 until the incident, when it was directly responsible for maintenance.

"Further, any inspections conducted over the Army Jetty during the review period were largely limited to visual in nature," KPMG found.

"Risk management activities did not adequately capture and respond to Army Jetty risk."

KMPG also found that from June 2010 until the incident there were additional occasions where the condition of the jetty was raised and the RIA could have addressed risk-based issues and recommendations.

"These do not appear to have been adequately responded to via demonstrable remediation actions."

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Published 14 February 2019 at 7:26pm
Source: AAP