Mildura woman attempts to tear down Aboriginal flag in viral video

A video showing Indigenous residents being questioned about their Aboriginality as a woman tries to physically take down an Aboriginal flag from their property - has gone viral on Twitter.

Karen (pictured) trying to tear down an Aboriginal flag on a Mildura property.

Karen (pictured) trying to tear down an Aboriginal flag on a Mildura property. Source: Twitter

A video has gone viral on social media depicting a Mildura woman named Karen attempting to remove an Aboriginal flag from the back of a car belonging to an Indigenous family.

Rob Vigors and a woman, believed to be Karen Ridge, are understood to have walked onto the Wirramanda's property in Mildura before the filming began.

The residents at the property, two Aboriginal artists, had the flag flying on their car in Mildura, Victoria.

But Mr Vigors and the woman seemed to take issue with the flag being displayed.

The video was filmed by Robby Wirramanda, and later shared on Twitter by a family member.

Mr Wirramanda is heard saying: "I sincerely hope that we don't have to talk again."

He then turns the camera to film the woman desperately pulling at the flag on the car.

"Look at you, trying to rip my flag off... it's too strong for you, Karen."

Having given up with her effort to rip the flag, the woman then says: "Take this s**t down, it's a disgrace".

Remaining calm, Mr Wirramanda then wishes the woman goodnight, to which she replies: "Go and live in your f****** humpy down the river."

A relative of the Indigenous pair confirmed they had reported the incident to police, who are looking into the incident.

Within hours of the video being posted,  was trending on Twitter.

Mr Vigors has lost his job at McDonald's as a result.

A spokesperson from McDonald's Australia confirmed Mr Vigors had "left the system and is no longer involved". 

“McDonald’s confirms the company has taken over the operation of the Mildura and Irymple restaurants, effective immediately," the spokesperson said. 

“McDonald’s will be engaging with its employees regarding the change in arrangements, to ensure the ongoing operation of the restaurants.

“The comments made are unacceptable and do not reflect the beliefs of the company as an inclusive workplace for our employees and customers. The matter is currently under investigation." 

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Published 15 December 2019 at 9:57am
By SBS News
Source: SBS