Nauru records first COVID-19 cases after two people on flight from Brisbane test positive

Two people who travelled by plane to Nauru from Brisbane have tested positive to COVID-19, the first two cases detected in the Pacific nation.


The two people with the virus are in quarantine at Nauru Ron Hospital. Credit: Sean Kelleher, Wikipedia

The Pacific nation of Nauru has announced its first two COVID-19 cases, detected in quarantine after a passenger flight from Brisbane.

The two people with the virus are in quarantine at Nauru Ron Hospital and there is no cause for alarm, President Lionel Aingimea said on Saturday.

Neither are displaying any symptoms.

Two other people are also in quarantine. One of them is the spouse of one of the cases and they had travelled together.

The two cases both travelled on the same flight from Brisbane to Nauru on Thursday.

They had entered pre-travel quarantine in Brisbane on Sunday and were tested three times.

All passengers who travelled to Nauru on the flight tested negative all three times during quarantine.

Nauru officials believe there was a common exposure contact at Brisbane Airport on Thursday that was the source for the two confirmed cases.

It is suspected that many of the passengers on the flight were exposed to the same COVID-19 source at Brisbane Airport on Thursday.

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Published 3 April 2022 at 8:27am
Source: AAP