New treatment promises hope in the battle with aneroxia

It's an unconventional eating disorder treatment which its Swedish creators believe is more effective than traditional approaches.


A Pedestrian walks past a Nolita advertising poster aimed at raising awareness around anorexia during Spring/Summer 2008 fashion week in Milan (Getty). Source: SBS

For years Hayley struggled with an eating disorder that developed at 14.

By year 10, she'd dropped out of school.

Her mother, Margie, told SBS through dehydration or starvation, her daughter was on the brink of heart failure.

When conventional treatments failed to work, after three years in and out of psychiatric hospital, Hayley, travelled to Stockholm for treatment of a different kind.

Watch Sarah Abo's report to find out more.

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Published 8 March 2014 at 4:55pm
Source: SBS